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  • Holidays in Luxor

    Holidays in Luxor

    You might only come to Luxor once in your life…take my advice, plan it well and make it the holiday you want to remember and share…Egypt is magical but not the place to go with the flow without setting your intentions first.

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  • EGYPT 2011 – 2016 Is it safe?

    EGYPT 2011 – 2016 Is it safe?

    The number of people still asking “is it safe to go to Egypt?”  is staggering.  I do understand why the question is being asked and am always glad of the opportunity to respond.  I want to explain the last 5 […]

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  • EISSA - Sheikh Al Arab Spices

    Fear or Freedom?

    I own a little boutique hotel in Luxor, Egypt so it is natural for people to assume that when I say Egypt is as safe as anywhere else on earth that I am merely attempting to make business.  I could […]

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  • Having fun dressing up!!


    We are only 4 weeks into 2016 and already I can feel the force of the changes coming for 2016.  Being a believer in the Universal Law of Attraction I know that many of the coming changes in my own […]

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  • Eat Like an Egyptian – fun

    Eat Like an Egyptian – fun

    I am beginning to think the Egyptians (maybe all middle-eastern countries, I am not sure) have a better way of eating than we do in the West 🙂  In the West we sit down to a meal and every person […]

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  • So Happy to be Tired!

    So Happy to be Tired!

    This is a photo of me at Mara House with two lovely guests in 2010 – see how tired I looked? Well that was a lovely tiredness because it came from long hours at the computer 7 days a week, […]

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  • enjoy a cold beer in old world charm

    What crosses your mind when….?

    What crosses your mind when you think about going on holiday – anywhere in the world?  All or most of the following run through my mind depending on where I am thinking of going: “I want this to be a […]

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  • Check my Travel Guide for answers to many more questions.

    How Many Days in Luxor?

    The question I am most asked by guests planning a visit to Egypt is “How many days do I need in Luxor?”  The answer is that it all depends on your level of interest in the temples, tombs, museums, daily […]

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