“Do I need a guide in Cairo?”  The short answer is “Yes, you need a guide in Cairo”  You need a guide if you want to get the most from your time in Cairo.  If you are staying in Cairo for a month and have lots of time to go exploring then you will probably find your way around but you will also need lots of information, time, energy, heat tolerance and patience.  I definitely recommend you take a guide to the Giza Plateau – not for the history but for the hassle.  This was my experience at Giza in October 2012.


      • Distance to various sites, due to traffic chaos you will wonder “am I ever going to get there?” and “I’m not even sure if we’re going in the right direction anyway!”
      • Trying to figure out why the taxi driver you have stopped refused to take you
      • Not knowing how much you should be paying the taxi
      • The fight to tell the driver you DON’T want to visit the perfume shop before going to the Gt. Pyramid
      • Uncertainty about where to find what you want to see when you get there
      • lack of up to date public information as to what is open and closed on a given day or time.  I recently went to see two palaces that had been announced in the media as open only to discover they were closed – temporarily…
      • Cairo is a vast city and though perfectly safe for tourists, it is best to stay within tourism boundaries.  It is safer if you know where you want to go and arrange it beforehand.  Like anywhere else in the world, what do you do if you get into a taxi and at some point are not sure which direction you are taking or you get an uncomfortable feeling about the driver?

I have wasted days, and returned home exhausted from trying to find tourist sites in my efforts to gather information to make getting around Cairo easy – you need a guide!

My best advice at the moment for tourists having only 3 – 5 days or less to spend in Cairo is to book your tours in Cairo to the sites you want to see and ask your tour operator or travel agent to let you know if there are other interesting sites you have not specifically enquired about.  That way you travel in comfort, arrive fresh at the places of interest,  have energy to spend exploring the sites themselves, and stand a better chance of continuing your journey satisfied and relaxed.


Hi, I'm from Ireland and I built Mara House, a small, family run, unique boutique hotel in Luxor in 2003.....My promise is to deliver quality service, traditional food, comfort, enjoyable experiences, up-front pricing, no hidden extras.....PLUS I answer all your emails personally..... I provide professional, qualified tour guides who do NOT divert you to shops, restaurants etc. for commission.....We are best suited to people who like to be taken care of from airport entry to airport departure, people who want to avoid hassle, scams and tourist traps.....You deal directly with me and Mara House is NOT bookable via TripAdvisor nor any other online hotel website.Hope you find my travel info helpful -//.. Mara

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  1. Jamie Polich 02/04/2017 at 1:18 pm

    Get thyself a guide. Mara’s guides hook in to the pulse of the city. They are a vibrant part of this and they love showing you around – spots the locals know how to look after your sight seeing needs the best. Just ask Mara to start the process off. After you have had time in Cairo you will understand. The traffic is amazing to be part of, driving back home on roads with lanes that everyone religiously sticks to is now a bit boring. I LOVE Cairo traffic now because we had a guide!! It just makes sense. It is common sense really.


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