Has your travel agent been to Egypt recently…or ever?

Tourism in Egypt will improve when those who are getting guests take better care of them.  Unfortunately, most visitors’ itineraries are planned by foreign travel agents, working under outdated guidelines, with no personal experience of Egypt.  It saddens me when I am shown an itinerary that is high in price but short on value.  “Short on value” means I can see, from experience, the client’s time is not being used as well as it could.  The excuse usually given is that Egypt is too hot for much more activity than that scheduled.

If you are coming to Egypt on a “once in a lifetime” trip, make the most of your time.

If you are coming to Egypt on a “once in a lifetime” trip then you should see all the highlights and make the most of your time.  You can do this in 10 days with the right co-ordination and planning.

I have planned the ‘EGYPT with MARA’ itinerary to take in the highlights of Cairo, Luxor, Aswan and a Nile Cruise – everyone should have a Nile Cruise at least once in their lives.

Enjoy ALL the highlights of Egypt & relax while doing it.

The ‘EGYPT with MARA’ itinerary will not only get you to the most important historical sites in Egypt but it will also give you plenty time to rest, relax and enjoy good food and wine as well as giving you a window into the lives of modern day Egyptians.

The Temples and monuments you will visit do not have air-condition…they were all built in such way as to take advantage of natural air flow and are cool inside.  Your transport is all air-conditioned as, of course are your hotels, cruise boat and restaurants.  So don’t worry about the heat – you will only experience it briefly while walking outside during the day time.

As for being exhausted by our busy itinerary – you won’t be.  It is organised with your ease and comfort in mind and if I can do this itinerary you certainly can.  So, I hope to see you in EGYPT.


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