9 nights starting with 3 nights in Cairo, 2 nights at Mara House Luxor, 4 nights Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan.  See the best of Egypt with great guides.  For an experience of Egypt to remember and treasure.  Bookable all year


CAIRO – 3 nights hotel accommodation, 3 breakfasts, transfer from the airport to the hotel on arrival and transfer from hotel to airport on departure, Tours to Giza, Antiquities Museum at Tahrir Sq, Gayer Anderson House and Medieval Cairo, transport, guide, entry tickets, travel permissions.

LUXOR – 2 nights at Mara House, 3 breakfasts, packed lunch for Abydos/Dendera, Tours to Karnak/Luxor/Abydos/Dendera Temple and the 5 main sites on West Bank, transfer from airport to Mara House on arrival and transfer to Cruise boat on departure day, transport, guide, entry tickets, travel permissions,  Salahadeen Feast.

NILE CRUISE – 4 nights Full Board, tours to Edfu, Kom Ombo, Philae,

The itinerary is a busy, yet extremely comfortable itinerary, taking you through the highlights of Egypt in 10 days.  My reasoning for this is

  1. You may only come to Egypt once – there is a big world out there to see.
  2. You should see the best first
  3. Contrary to what a travel agent may say – the heat is not a big issue when your movements are properly planned and air-con is everywhere so you can do this itinerary any time of the year.
  4. Comfort is important – you are on holiday.
  5. Age and health status is not an issue – from baby to 70+ we are here to assist in every way.

The following dates are bookable for the 9 night package.  While these are not group trips there are likely going to be other Mara House guests on some of your tours also.

2018 Dates for EGYPT 9 NIGHT Package – only these dates are available.

  • June 25 – 24 July
  • 2018 July 2 -11
  • July 9 – 18
  • July 16-25
  • July 23 – 31
  • July 30 – Aug 8
  • 2018 Aug 6 – 15
  • Aug 13 – 22
  • Aug 20 – 29
  • 2018 Sept 17 – 26
  • Sept 24 – Oct 3
  • 2018 Oct 15 – 24
  • Oct 22 – 31
  • Oct 29 – Nov 7
  • 2018 Dec 10 – 19
  • Dec 17 – 26
  • Dec 24 – Jan 2

2019 Dates for EGYPT 9 NIGHT Package

  • 31 Dec 2018 – Jan 9
  • 2019 Jan 7 – Jan 16
  • Jan 21 – 30
  • Jan 14  – Jan 23
  • 2019 Feb 4 – 13
  • 2019 Feb 18 – 27
  • March 4 – 13
  • 2019 March 11 – 20
  • March 18 – 27
  • March 25 – April 3
  • April 1 – 10
  • April 15 – 24
  • April 29 – May 8
  • 2019 May 6 – May 15
  • May 13 – 22
  • May 27 – June 5
  • 2019 June 3 – 12
  • 2019 June 10 – 19
  • 2019 June 17 – 26
  • June 24 – July 3
  • 2019 July 1 – 10
  • July 8 – 17
  • July 15 – 24
  • July 22 – 31
  • 2019 July 29 – Aug 7
  • Aug 5 – 14
  • Aug 12 – 21
  • Aug 19 – 28
  • Aug 26 – Sept 4
  • Sept 9 – 18
  • 2019 Sept 16 -25
  • Sept 23 – Oct 2
  • Sept 30 – Oct 9
  • Oct 21 – 30
  • 2019 Oct 28 -Nov 6
  • 2019 Nov 4 – 13
  • 2019 Nov 18 – 27
  • 2019 Nov 25 – Dec 4
  • 2019 Dec 2 – 11
  • Dec 9 – 18
  • Dec 16 – 25

FULL DETAILS – please contact Mara


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  1. Sandra B, USA 25/01/2017 at 12:20 pm

    We just came back from a 10 days trip in Egypt with “Mara”, we did the itinerary proposed by Mara from Cairo to Luxor and the cruise on the Niles to Aswan. I don’t think there is a better way to visit Egypt. The tours and the entire 10 days were perfectly organized, and we did not worry at all during the entire trip.

    From beginning to end we were very pleased with the guides, the drivers and the housekeeper. Mara house in Luxor is a fabulous oasis. The room are spacious, the food is amazing and the staff very helpful and friendly. When I think of my trip in Egypt all I think of is “luxury”. For a SAFE and a REAL vacation in Egypt, if you are eager to learn and visit the best of Egypt I highly recommend everyone to book with Mara.

  2. Jamie P - Perth, Australia 20/11/2016 at 4:15 pm

    We are a same sex male couple who recently travelled to Egypt.

    Mara House Luxor is off the beaten tourist track in a safe and respectable part of Luxor, Egypt is a country of contrasts and to really experience how Egyptians live, book your stay at Mara House and live amongst those who rely on working in the tourist areas. Simple.

    The staff are unbelievably flexible and are totally dedicated to helping you to have a “Mara House Experience”. Seriously dedicated. Not a fault in sight in this regard.

    If you yearn for Ancient Egyptian monuments and mystery, this is an ideal place to pursue your desires in this regard. Mara and her extremely capable staff have connections with some extremely knowledgeable local guides such as Mohammed and deserving of particular mention (for us anyway), Ahmed, whose mastery of story language will have you mesmerised on the Nile temples and itching to visit the next temple/site. Mohammed is like a walking encyclopedia on the Luxor sites, ask him any question and he will happily provide the information for you.

    You can’t do all this without the support of the stupendous drivers such as Mahmoud (if he likes you you get to call him by his nickname – much easier to wrap those western vowels around, but you have to earn it), whose road mastery was a lesson in diligence and safety. He knows those roads backwards, he has some great shortcuts that will give you photos no-one else could provide. Bonus if you are a smoker and ask to stop in the middle of the desert!

    If you yearn for an ‘authentic’ experience, this is also a place for you. Just discuss with Mara or Ahmed what it is you would like to do and hey presto it is done. An enviable thing to arrange things in Egypt so quickly! If you ask for the moon, be prepared for at least a 12 hour wait while Ahmed and Amr organise it for your next day! Truly amazing.

    The food and service and feeling of secure safety more than compensates for any supposed inconveniences westerners may feel by having a wet room as part of the bath rooms. Don’t compare to western style five star hotels, you will not enjoy yourself if you do, and that will be your own fault, not theirs. Toughen up and focus on why you are there. Mara House becomes your bolt hole from which to experience both Modern AND ancient Egypt. Vital to your stay. Location is great for quiet walks where you can say good morning to the neighbours, have a local coffee and chat with real Egyptians.

    Did we mention already, the food. Incomparable Amr has a real gift of his heart when he prepares your food. My partner was taken shopping in the local markets to gather the ingredients for our feast that evening. That experience alone is more than enough excuse to visit. The food is to die for, really. There are not enough superlatives to describe it, you must visit to experience genius, good simple and wholesome food. (I had a cold while there, was given the ‘cold’ drink – next day boom I felt fantastic.) We in the West seem to have forgotten this and rely on pills and ‘modern’ medicine. The Egyptians have been doing this for millenia, tried and tested.

    Again, did we mention the food ?

    Seriously, Ahmed and Amr were welcoming and we were treated as part of their family. Having a local with you while you walk the streets is invaluable to help you communicate and learn (also to help you avoid being taken advantage of when trading – listen to their advice – it works). As Mara says you gotta walk like an Egyptian – watch how you are then treated compared to westerners who perhaps don’t. Much more respect and people are much more likely to invite you for Shisha or tea, without the hassle. A great chance to kick back, relax, watch life and have some GREAT international conversations that lead to better understandings between the West and Egypt. Ask questions and be prepared to answer questions, it will be revealing I am sure, if you have an open mind and heart.

    Again, did we mention the food ?

    Seriously worth considering, read terms and conditions and have no expectations when you arrive for a mind blowing and memorable experience of Egypt.

    You should know that a mosque is close by so take your good earplugs that first call to prayer in the morning is loud!!

  3. SeeTheWorld47 / Portland, Oregon 16/11/2016 at 12:50 pm

    Mara House is a truly special place in the world and much more than a place to lay your head. We have travelled to over 35 countries in Asia, Africa, Middle East, and Europe and have not experienced a better staff, guides, food, and accommodation. It is truly a home away from home.

    The Saladin Feast is one of the best meals We’ve ever had. The cook, Amr, comes from a background of 5 star hotels and personal chef for Egyptian leaders. The host, Ahmed, is personal, professional, kind, knowledgeable and willing to help out in any way possible to make your stay enjoyable.

    Guides Fatma, Manar, and Mohammed are exceptionally knowledgeable (like walking encyclopedias), friendly, kind, and became truly friends. Egyptology is complex and can be overwhelming, but these guys made it entertaining and so much fun to learn the layers upon layers of Egyptian history while visiting the temples and museums.

    Go to Egypt and experience the magic of Mara House! You will be amazed.


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