I am often asked to recommend books on Egypt and especially if I have told a story to someone – they want to know more.  Here are a few to get started on.

Disclosure:  This page contains affiliate links to books on Amazon which I have read and am happy to recommend.  Bear in mind I may receive a small commission if you click through and buy. This does not add to the price you pay for a product.

“Initiation”  –  This is an extraordinary book.  I read it years ago when I first came to Egypt and enjoyed the story.  Then I re-read it two years ago and got a wealth of insight the second time into information that had already come to me in between both readings.

“The Emerald Tablets of Thoth – The-Atlantean”    is written in poem-like form.  This book would not be for everyone.

“Stranger in the Valley of the Kings” I found this to be a fascinating read and if you visit the Cairo Museum you will see a whole section set aside for the chariots etc taken from the tomb of  Yuya & Thuya in Luxor.

“Omm Sety’s Egypt: A Story of Ancient Mysteries, Secret Lives and the Lost History of the Pharaohs.”

“The Temple in Man: Sacred Architecture and the Perfect Man.”  If you are interested in hidden meanings then the best books are by Schwaller de Lubicz – they are weird books.  They do not give you actual information.  You must be a real seeker of hidden knowledge to get anything from them.  When I started reading them initially I had to give up for a few years and return to them

“Her-Bak:  Egyptian Initiate” and “Her-Bak: The Living Face of Ancient Egypt”.   If you would like to get information in a story content – these are wonderful books by Schwaller de Lubicz’ wife Isha and his niece, Lucie, who worked with him at the Temple in Luxor for 15 years,  – much easier to learn from.

“The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life. Vol 1”  and  “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life. Vol 2”  These were among the first books I read to do with the mysteries of ancient Egypt.  There is some fascinating stuff to do with Thoth, the building of the Gt. Pyramid and the initiation passage at Kom Ombo Temple.  This is a book for anyone interested in Sacred Geometry – personally I am no good at maths and wish I could understand it a bit better!

 “Legends of the House of the Cretan Woman”  This is a book that should become a family heirloom of your trip to Egypt – what more can I say?  The language of it captures the essence of the time it was written in.


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