Come and explore Egypt with me, personally.  Let me tell you about the Egypt that has an un-explainable hold on me.  We cover Pharaonic, Medieval and Islamic Cairo,  the pharaonic sites in Luxor such as Valley of Kings etc,  and the pharaonic sites between Luxor and Aswan.  Our tour incorporates a Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan as well as a stay in Luxor.

Places, buildings and objects mean nothing to me without the stories behind their builders, owners or users.  Finding the human stories behind the monuments has always driven me and, apart from explaining the Egyptology of the sites, these are the stories we will be sharing with you.  I would like to give you the stories of the monuments and a feel for the people who lived in and used them.  Then, hopefully, when you walk in these places you will have a better feel for them.  Hopefully also my personal tour will give you a timeline of stories about people and places that make sense.  If I succeed you will be forever hooked on Egypt – as I am.

If Egypt is your dream trip or on your “bucket list” I advise early booking as the number of places on each trip is limited to 15 – 16.  Ask for full details

All the trips and packages I offer are based on my own personal experience – not because I believe I know what is best for everyone else, but because I do believe everyone deserves a quality and hassle free holiday.  So, while I don’t personally know you, I do presume you would like a trip where

  • you know the full cost of what you are buying
  • that has no hidden extras
  • gives you a real feel for the country and customs
  • helps you avoid the tourist traps.
  • is hassle free
  • eliminates the need for decision making on subjects you have little or no knowledge what your choices may entail.

For full detail and to check availability on the following tour dates please contact Mara

2019 only available date to travel with Mara as guide:

  • 2019 Nov 10 – 23

Update 7 Aug 2019 – there are now only 4 seats available for the Nov trip.


Hi, I'm from Ireland and I built Mara House, a small, family run, unique boutique hotel in Luxor in 2003.....My promise is to deliver quality service, traditional food, comfort, enjoyable experiences, up-front pricing, no hidden extras.....PLUS I answer all your emails personally..... I provide professional, qualified tour guides who do NOT divert you to shops, restaurants etc. for commission.....We are best suited to people who like to be taken care of from airport entry to airport departure, people who want to avoid hassle, scams and tourist traps.....You deal directly with me... Hope you find my travel info helpful -//.. Mara


  1. Dianne Abbley, Australia, 19 April 2019 19/04/2019 at 12:28 pm

    We are just finishing our tour of Egypt with Mara, Ahmed and the team. What an amazing tour it has been. Thank you so much for looking after us and showing us Ancient Egypt, medieval Egypt and modern day Egypt. You have given us a holiday of a lifetime. Diane and Frank Abbley

  2. Amanda Verstlm, USA, 19 April 2019 19/04/2019 at 8:33 am

    So glad we went with the Mara house team for our first trip to Egypt. Ahmed is the superstar of logistics and took care of everything we needed. The guides (both Mohammad’s) were so knowledgeable about all things Egypt and taught us so much. The sites were amazing and the people were friendly, what more could you ask for on vacation. If you have been curious about visiting Egypt – definitely go and don’t hesitate to plan through the Mara House team.


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