“13 NIGHTS touring EGYPT with Mara herself”.  Visit Cairo, Luxor and Aswan.  Experience Egypt from Pharaonic times right through the Medieval and Islamic periods.   Travel in luxury on a 7 night Nile Cruise from Luxor – Aswan – Luxor.

The cost of these trips do not reflect the value of the experience you will have with Mara.  If Egypt is your dream trip or on your “bucket list” I advise early booking as the number of places on each trip is limited to 15 – 16.

PRICINGEarly booking will certainly save you quite a few dollars because I can guarantee that the price of all my trips and packages will increase several times between now and their 2019 dates due to the rising cost of everything in Egypt.

All the trips and packages I offer are based on my own personal experience – not because I believe I know what is best for everyone else, but because I do believe everyone deserves a quality and hassle free holiday.  So, while I don’t personally know you, I do presume you would like a trip

  • you know the cost of
  • that has no hidden extras
  • gives you a real feel for the country and customs
  • helps you avoid the tourist traps.
  • is hassle free
  • eliminates the need for decision making on subjects you have little or no knowledge what your choices may entail.

and those priorities are what my initial planning is based on.  After that I choose the best sites but leave other options open to your personal preferences, provide great guides I can trust and leave you some relaxation time on top of that.


  • Cairo – sites include Giza Plateau, Gt. Pyramid, Solar Boat, Gayer Anderson House, Ibn Tulun Mosque, Antiquities Museum at Tahrir Sq., Tutankhamun’s Treasures, Mummy Room at Museum, Medieval Cairo, Khan El Khalili, Islamic and Coptic Cairo etc.
  • Luxor  – sites include West Bank, Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut Temple, Nobles Tombs, Workers Village and Tombs, Colossi of Memnon, Abydos Temple, Dendera Temple, Luxor and Karnak Temples.
  • 7 nights Nile Cruise – sites include Edfu, Kom Ombo, Philae, Nubian Village etc
  • The above is a brief summary of places included in trip package – please contact me for full itinerary, details and pricing

2018 Dates:

  • 2018 May 1 – 12 Sold Out
  • 2018 Sept 5 – 16 (4 places left)
  • 2018 Oct 3 – 14 (4 places left)
  • 2018 Nov 7 – 18 (1 place left for solo traveller) Taking names in case of late cancellation

2019 Dates: Due to early requests I am now taking deposits for the following.

  • 2019 Feb 10 – 23
  • 2019 April 7 – 20 (6 places left)
  • 2019 May 19 – June 1
  • 2019 Sept 1 – 14
  • 2019 Oct 6 – 19
  • 2019 Nov 10 – 23
For full details and to check availability  – PLEASE CONTACT MARA

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  1. Mickey & John Williams 27/03/2018 at 2:59 am

    We just wanted to let everyone know about our amazing trip with Mara and Ahmed. We still can’t believe how much we saw of Egypt, and how wonderful the other people on our tour were. We travel a lot and have been to many phenomenal places, but Egypt really stands out for us. Mara and Ahmed have really come up with an incredible itinerary, a nice pace and first class accommodations everywhere we went. If there is something special that you want to do, or see, they will make it happen. The sites are unbelievable, and it was unimaginable that the next site was better than the previous one. The history is overwhelming, the treasures are staggering, the people are delightful and Mara and Ahmed are the perfect hosts for this marvelous adventure! Thank you both for our magnificent trip to Egypt!!

  2. Ling 03/03/2018 at 2:39 pm

    We had a trip of our life to Egypt from 2/13/18 -2/25/18. Mara and Ahmed are our tour leaders. They are superb, sweet and kind and organized. My husband just had a quadruple bypass and everyone take such a good care of him . We had a awesome,memorable trip.Both of our Egyptologist guides are so knowledgeable. It make our trip more fun and educational. Thank you very ….. much for our international ground members. You guys are the “Best”. You are sweet , thoughtful , kind and helpful. We sincerely appreciate it.
    Hopefully in the future, we will have a reunion.
    Missed you!! Take care!

  3. Michael Beeson 03/12/2017 at 4:54 pm

    We are a retired professor and a retired elementary school teacher, who were on the November, 2017 tour. This trip was everything we had hoped it would be, and then some. We are experienced travelers, but we chose to go on a guided tour in Egypt rather than on our own, and we are glad that we did. Our tour had 12 tourists, so we fit into a van, which was our typical mode of local transport. A tremendous amount of planning and local arrangements went into the “infrastructure” of this tour; I believe that Mara planned the overall structure of the trip, so that we saw absolutely as much of Egypt as possible in 10 days; but her right-hand-man Ahmed probably handled the details, of which there were MANY. Everything was flawlessly handled. Vans appeared out of nowhere when they were needed. Tickets were purchased. We were, for example, let into a theater a little early so we could all be seated together for a fabulous Sufi Dance exhibition in Cairo. Lunch appeared when required. Airport transfers went flawlessly; our luggage moved magically from airport to hotel, hotel to boat, etc. You could never in a million years plan your own Egypt trip so well. Don’t even think about trying.

    Mara is a native of Ireland, who fell in love with Egypt. In conducting this tour business, she wants to share her Egypt with others. She is not in this primarily for the money, as her prices should make absolutely clear. I don’t believe you would be able to see half of what she showed us, on your own, for the same price. Moreover, what we paid was just what she said we would pay. You can trust Mara.

    As for what she showed us, there was a tremendous variety, more than we would have known to arrange for ourselves. Our primary interest was the antiquities of the Pharaonic period (pyramids, tombs, temples). We were unaware of the Islamic, Graeco-Roman, and Coptic periods of Eqyptian history, and the resulting melting-pot nature of contemporary Egyptian society, but Mara and Ahmed made sure we saw everything.
    Nor was the focus always on history: we visited a kindergarten in the Nubian Village, and learned how garbage is collected in Cairo.

    I must also praise the talents and learning of the two Egyptologist guides that Mara and Ahmed hired to explain everything to us. (One in Cairo and another in Luxor and Aswan.) These two have many years of experience as tour guides and the erudition and knowledge you would expect from a professor. They answered every question (and without needing Google),
    and were absolutely helpful. We did see a lot of temples and as a result, at some point it came to life for me: I saw in my imagination what it was like thousands of years ago on one of their festival days, when the god of the temple would be taken out in his boat by the priests and carried across the Nile to visit the god of the temple over there, in the middle of a celebrating throng of the whole local population, with music, dancing, eating, and drinking. The oracle would speak from the back of the temple to answer the people’s questions.

    Finally I note that our group had one thing in common: each of us had been told by some friends and relatives, “You’re crazy to go to Egypt”,
    and had concluded “Let’s go anyway!” Well, we are glad that we did.
    If you’re worried about it, take up your concerns by email with Mara.


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