“13 NIGHTS touring EGYPT with Mara herself”.  Visit Cairo, Luxor and Aswan.  Experience Egypt from Pharaonic times right through the Medieval and Islamic periods.   Travel in luxury on a 7 night Nile Cruise from Luxor – Aswan – Luxor.

The cost of these trips do not reflect the value of the experience you will have with Mara.  If Egypt is your dream trip or on your “bucket list” I advise early booking as the number of places on each trip is limited to 15 – 16.

PRICINGEarly booking will certainly save you quite a few dollars because I can guarantee that the price of all my trips and packages will increase several times between now and their 2019 dates due to the rising cost of everything in Egypt.

All the trips and packages I offer are based on my own personal experience – not because I believe I know what is best for everyone else, but because I do believe everyone deserves a quality and hassle free holiday.  So, while I don’t personally know you, I do presume you would like a trip

  • you know the cost of
  • that has no hidden extras
  • gives you a real feel for the country and customs
  • helps you avoid the tourist traps.
  • is hassle free
  • eliminates the need for decision making on subjects you have little or no knowledge what your choices may entail.

and those priorities are what my initial planning is based on.  After that I choose the best sites but leave other options open to your personal preferences, provide great guides I can trust and leave you some relaxation time on top of that.


  • Cairo – sites include Giza Plateau, Gt. Pyramid, Solar Boat, Gayer Anderson House, Ibn Tulun Mosque, Antiquities Museum at Tahrir Sq., Tutankhamun’s Treasures, Mummy Room at Museum, Medieval Cairo, Khan El Khalili, Islamic and Coptic Cairo etc.
  • Luxor  – sites include West Bank, Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut Temple, Nobles Tombs, Workers Village and Tombs, Colossi of Memnon, Abydos Temple, Dendera Temple, Luxor and Karnak Temples.
  • 7 nights Nile Cruise – sites include Edfu, Kom Ombo, Philae, Nubian Village etc
  • The above is a brief summary of places included in trip package – please contact me for full itinerary, details and pricing

2018 Dates:

  • 2018 Sept 5 – 16 (4 places left)
  • 2018 Oct 3 – 14 ( 2 places left)
  • 2018 Nov 7 – 18 there are 2 places now available due to a cancellation

2019 Dates: Due to early requests I am now taking deposits for the following.

  • 2019 Feb 10 – 23
  • 2019 April 7 – 20 SOLD OUT!
  • 2019 May 19 – June 1
  • 2019 Sept 1 – 14
  • 2019 Oct 6 – 19
  • 2019 Nov 10 – 23
For full details and to check availability  – PLEASE CONTACT MARA

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  1. Maxine Barr 12/05/2018 at 5:27 am

    Could not recommend Mara’s tour highly enough.
    Loved all aspects, especially the friendly and knowledgeable guides: Ahmed, Haider and Mo.
    We considered making our own itinerary, but when we saw Mara’s, it was a no-brainer to choose hers. There is no way we could have covered the ground we did on our own.
    Mara has an affinity with Egypt that is contagious, if you are thinking of going to Egypt, look no further! Thanks for a brilliant experience Mara

  2. Eileen Weed 11/05/2018 at 6:43 pm

    For anyone wanting to fulfill their dream of visiting Egypt, I highly recommend Mara’s Group Tours for a safe and hassle-free experience. The tour went above and beyond my expectations!

    It totally makes a difference seeing everything in person vs just reading about Egypt from afar. Everything was taken care of and ran smoothly, and the Itinerary covered all the highlights of Egypt and more, from the Pyramids and the Valley of the Kings to lesser known wonders such as the Christian and Medieval Cairo communities.

    Mara’s attentive presence and the knowledge of her outstanding and personable manager Ahmed Hasanein let me fully be immersed in Egypt without juggling any tedious logistics. It really made a difference that we stuck with the same Egyptologists: Mohamed Haider (in Cairo) and Mohamed Ahmed (in Luxor), both were enthusiastic and eager to answer all the questions we had.

    NOW is the time to visit Egypt and booking through Mara is the best you can do!

  3. Chip and Wendy Morris 11/05/2018 at 3:45 pm

    We will never forget this tour of Egypt, and thank you, so much, Mara and Ahmed, for putting this all together and making it so easy for us to see and do it all. Despite being seasoned travellers, we felt beforehand that seeing Egypt via a small group tour with informed Egyptologists was really the best way to do it…. and now at the end, we are really glad we did it this way!

    The ancient sites were sublime and important to us both, aesthetically and spiritually and visually. That is really why we came. We loved the Pyramids, and for Wendy we had a special time re-enacting a much valued family photo of her grandfather in World War 2, riding camels in front of the Pyramids. At Luxor, both Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple were amazing to experience. A special dinner at Mara House was a real treat.

    We had a very long bus drive day from Luxor to enjoy visits to Dendera, and especially Abydos Temples, another favourite …. but the ride was a fantastic way to observe the daily life of rural Egypt….. ever revealing new surprises. We liked our visit to the Luxor West Bank Valley of the Kings tombs, though it happened on a very hot day that got up to 46 degrees C… even hot for us Australians! However for most of the tour we managed the dry heat with just a special soaked neck wrap… though Chip also sometimes used a soaked Hyper Cool vest.

    Life on the criuse boat was easy.. though we are not ‘cruise boat’ people, and we soon tired of the buffet food and poor coffee …. Loved the caleche ride to Edfu Temple, and were fascinated by the Kom Ombo Temple duality and the mummified crocodiles … though horrified at the huge congestion of diesel-belching cruise boats that all seemed to arrive there at the same time.

    At Aswan, Wendy found the Nubian Village a valuable and interesting remnant of a now destroyed culture, almost entirely flooded by the High Dam, but was sad to see it now just a tourist shopping trap. Though the retailers there, better than elsewhere, had got the message that not hassling visitors could get them better results. In fact, overall in Egypt, we did not find the sellers hassling of us too bad most of the time. At Aswan, Philae was our final temple, on its pretty little island. Then back to Cairo.

    Throughout, it was remarkable to experiece the excellent condition of these remaining Pharaonic temples and tombs. We had tried to get flights to Abu Simbal, but could not, and were not willing to do a six hour drive for a short visit. But on reflection, we were not disappointed with our substitute activities in Aswan.

    We were disgusted by Cairo’s filth and congestion on the roads, and the lack of pedestrian safety for those needing to cross the major streets. We understand there are ‘plans’ to re-create the ‘Parisian’ central Cairo of old. We hope that this work happens…. but first just fix the footpaths and add in more traffic lights for pedestrians!

    We were initially daunted by the high level of security, which presumably was needed. We felt safe but protected throughout. And gradually we got up our confidence up to wander out alone…. and were amazed by the warm and friendly welcome of many Egyptians… including the children smiling and saying ‘Welcome to Egypt!’ to us. We saw relatively few other Westerners in Egypt … most tourists seemed to be from Asia and other Middle Eastern countries.

    Chip did not enjoy anywhere near as much the tours of sites around Cairo itself, including the (too) many mosques and churches. And the long stints stuck in Cairo traffic. But the visit to Cairo’s Garbage City/Mountain was fascinating… both very impressive and horrifying at the same time!

    The interpretations of the ancient sites were very good (especially Mohammed’s in Luxor and beyond). We learnt so much. The logistics management on occasions was not as good in our view, but perhaps that is attributable in part to Egypt itself! Certainly things could go off schedule. But we did see everything in our program.

    Altogether, an amazing experience with a great group of compatible and friendly people…. it will take some time to digest!


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