I could say that Mara House is a hotel, even a boutique hotel.  It is all that – but it is so much more.  It was built to fill a need felt by myself initially – a need for there to be somewhere in Egypt for the travellers who wanted more than just a bed for the night and some specifically tourist-orientated tour offerings, peppered with shopping expeditions by day.

Egypt, to me, is one of the most important (in so many ways) places on the planet and the fact that it has survived the upheavals of 2011, compounded by the problems of the intervening years, intact only serves to make me more sure of that.  Egypt deserves people who appreciate it’s very real treasures – both ancient and modern, and is prepared to do whatever is necessary to share and experience it’s uniqueness.

Mara House is for the independent, discerning traveller whose priority in coming to Egypt is the quality and scope of the experience.  We do not compete on price – so we are not for the traveller who is looking for the cheapest option.  Nor do we quote low prices with hidden or added on costs.  For our tours and our accommodation we are transparent in our offers.  The price I quote is the price you pay.

As a result of personal recommendations, great online reviews and consistency in the value of our offers 99.99% of our guests take our complete Luxor package which includes the tours.  Many also avail of our Cairo and Cruise packages.   As tourism to Egypt is improving we are finding more and more visitors prefer to relax and leave the planning of their entire Egypt trip to me and out of that our full 9 night Egypt Package has evolved.

Our promise and our focus is for our guests to experience the best of Egypt in it’s myriad of shapes and forms.

Mara House is NOT ON THE TOURIST strip, nor on the Nile.  We are in a normal, ordinary Egyptian street, among the locals, behind the train station.  The streets can be dirty and a western person could be forgiven for thinking we are in a poor area.  We are not.  It is simply that Egyptians do not have the same priorities we do when it comes to what is outside the front door. 

If you want to see what it is like among the locals then Mara House is for you.  If you prefer the usual 5 star hotel surroundings then you need go to the tourist strip.  When I built Mara House I choose not to be among the souvenir shops.  I choose my street as a place where tourists could get a feel for Egypt as it is today and an opportunity to understand a different culture.


Whether you are a solo traveller or a couple your accommodation will consist of a large bedroom, separate private sitting room and a bathroom which is a “wet room” meaning open shower area – no bath.


If you are a family or group of between 3 and 6 persons your accommodation will consist of 3 separate bedrooms, extra large private sittingroom cum dining area and bathroom (wet room).  Most people do not take this in during the booking process are are surprised and delighted when they discover the size and furnishings of their suite.

I am a grandmother of 4 myself. I love having families with children come to Mara House.  Our Family Suites mean the family is in the one apartment sized suite not having to go between separate rooms as in most hotels.  If you contact me with the ages of your children and the number of persons in the family or group I will give you a SPECIAL FAMILY QUOTATION.


Solo travellers are welcome – we do NOT charge you extra single supplement on accommodation.


  • airport or train transfers on arrival and departure
  • apartment sized accommodation per night incl breakfast
  • great tours to the best sites in Luxor with wonderful guides
  • a minibar stocked with drinks and snacks in your suite at reasonable prices
  • laundry service (wash and iron only, no specialist or odd stain removal service)
  • free early check-in and free late check out whenever possible
  • free travel and sightseeing advice
  • free internet
  • library/book exchange
  • best traditional food in Egypt is the Salahadeen Feast – only served to in-house guests.
  • 3 night package designed to save you research, time and avoid the tourist traps, making the most of your experience in Luxor – the LUXOR package


The Salahadeen Restaurant at Mara House is one of the best restaurants in Luxor serving authentic Egyptian family food The Salahadeen Feast is well known and has been a great success with all guests.  Each feast consists of 15 different dishes so you really get to taste a good cross-section of real home cooking.  The restaurant is currently only serving to in-house guests and the Feast is included in the “Luxor with Mara” package on two nights.

What makes Mara House the friendliest hotel in Luxor – more than just a bed?


Finally, the rooftop garden is a haven of green peace and tranquility.   A vast array of cactus and desert plants as well as the famous ever flowering bourgainvillea makes it a peaceful and relaxing space to end the day – a cold beer under the stars on a warm Egyptian night is the perfect end to a lovely day.

You can contact me directly here to ask any questions and check availability for specific dates.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Comments and Reviews for Mara House made after 1 March 2017 are on the Luxor 3 night Package page.



Owner at Mara House Hotel Luxor
Hi - I'm Mara (Marie Vaughan) from Ireland...my aim is to be the best at what I do - not the cheapest so please do not compare Mara House products with others based on price...compare us on quality of service.

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  1. David - UK 01/03/2017 at 10:41 am

    We did four consecutive days of tours with Mohamed as our guide, all arranged by Mara: Luxor and Karnak temples; the West Bank; Abydos and Dendara and Aswan. These all went very smoothly indeed. Mohamed was an excellent and very knowledgeable guide who exceeded all our expectations. He is obviously very familiar with all of the sites and this enabled us to see far more than we could have seen on our own. He was particularly helpful in allowing us to select tombs to be visited on the West Bank. When we mentioned we would like to try a felucca trip, he immediately arranged this for us. We would not hesitate to use Mohamed again on any future visit to Egypt and our thanks to Mara for setting this up.

  2. Teresa, USA 25/09/2016 at 6:43 am

    My goodness….what an incredible place you have here! I could not have been more fortunate and owe you a debt of gratitude! All of the men have taken such good care of me — from the room and meals to the tours. They have been gracious, patient, attentive “handlers” and I could not have asked for more.

    The heat has been an issue for me. I have experienced 123 degree F heat in Arizona but that does not compare to this.

    Last night my stomach felt queasy and this morning was worse. That combined with the heat I made the decision to cut our long day of touring short. I feel bad but I knew that my feeling poorly would cause more problems if we kept visiting temples. Coming back Ahmed was gracious in getting me the “Mara medicine” and now, at almost 7pm I am beginning to feel better.

    So Mara…..I have only one suggestion. Way too much food! I feel embarrassed to only eat an amount that is appropriate for my stomach and then leave so much left. I do not like waste!
    You have truly put together a wonderful package for travelers and I will tell everyone I know! Also, you are so very well respected…as we were out and about so many said such positive remarks!

    The staff that you have along with drivers and tour guide are all treasures…so very fortunate to have been in their presence!
    Thank you again Mara…

  3. Cindy, Melbourne, Australia 28/03/2016 at 6:22 am

    Mara House is far more than an absolutely fantastic place to stay. With Mara’s guides and driver, I felt absolutely safe and looked after (I travelled as a single female). Her lovely and well-spoken English speaking staff were on hand by SMS and email throughout my entire Egyptian trip. Her drivers and guides have been with her for several years and her guides are Egyptologists. The place is spotless. You get your own sitting room and kitchenette plus a well-stocked fridge. After a busy day sightseeing, free steaming hot cups of tea are brought to you if you send a text or email message downstairs. If you are lucky enough to stay when the cook does a Feast, this was the best meal I had in Egypt and I travelled from Cairo to Aswan. Mara treats her staff well and they love her. With Egyptian tourism quiet, this is a great time to go and everyone is so welcoming. I just had such a wonderful time. All due to Mara House. A very special place.

  4. Terri Chinn, Bonn 29/02/2016 at 8:45 am

    Having visited Cairo and Luxor, I can now relate to and appreciate what Mara writes in her blog. Sadly these are not cities to navigate on one’s own and having Mara organise our tours took off a huge burden. All we did was immerse ourselves in the splendour of ancient Egypt. Mara House is an oasis to return to each day, and Ahmed the manager is a wonderful host. The dinners whipped up by their resident Chef is a delicious sampler of Egyptian cuisine.

  5. Steve G. 03/02/2016 at 4:21 pm

    We were picked up as promised at the airport even though our flight had been delayed. This boutique hotel is located on a quiet back street, which is great because of the noise on busy Egyptian streets. Our suite was great and perfect for traveling with our two kids.

    Ahmed and Amr were the staff during our stay and they were great. Amr is an amazing cook. Our breakfast had a variety of interesting Egyptian foods. We treated ourselves to dinner and the sauces and soups were outstanding. Definitely have dinner there.

    They kept the mini-bar updated which is great since my kids live on snacks.

    Our horse carriage driver, Ramadan was a hoot. He let my daughter have a try at driving the carriage.

    We stayed for six days in order to get a feel for Luxor. Luxor is some much cleaner and quieter that Cairo. The restaurants were good and of course the temples are unique in the world.

    Great place. Great people. Great food.

  6. Evie, Caberra 02/02/2016 at 11:55 am

    Mara House is exactly what we look for when travelling – a small boutique hotel that caters for guests tired of large hotels and indifferent service who want discreet, professional care from a team who know exactly what they’re doing.
    It’s the small things that count, right? Bedrooms are huge, the bed itself heaven; towels were plentiful, the water hot and everything is beautifully appointed with understated luxury. The rooftop terrace was a favourite spot with a cup of (complimentary all day) tea or coffee and the hotel is on a quiet street (not the huge hotel strip where you’re cheek by jowl with everyone else).
    The real point of difference with this hotel however was the service. This began before we arrived. The owner, Mara, responded promptly and generously to all email inquiries. No question was too small and her responses were direct, incredibly helpful and aimed at ensuring we had the best experience for us, not anyone else, possible – no waffle, no sales pitch, just generous info and honesty.
    Her team is also spot-on, both in the hotel and around Luxor. We’re not ones for guided tours of any kind but decided to give it a go and found it so enriching we kept her guides for the whole time. Do the day-trip to Abydos and Dendara temples if you can – worth every second.
    I’ll end by saying come to Egypt, folks. We’re a middle-aged Australian couple from Canberra who just spent a month here and the welcome, security and overall experience was incredible thanks in no small part to Mara.
    P.S About that “Mara House” service? We decided to do a last minute day trip from Cairo and emailed Mara for help. She arranged it all over night and we woke up to another seamlessly easy and fabulous day out!

  7. Philip M. 02/02/2016 at 5:19 am

    We were treated like royalty! Our “room” was a multi-room suite with incredible decorations. Wonderful ambiance, not just a hotel room, but an experience.
    The hotel is located on a small back street, you get to experience Egypt away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist. quite and safe neighborhood. Staff on call 24/7, breakfast provided, Supper was extra, but worth a lot more that they charged!
    They arranged private tours with a driver and guide of Luxor and Cairo for us. Great drivers and guides by the way! It seems like their only goal, at Mara House, is to make the whole experience perfect in every way!

  8. Hales, Abu Dhabi, UAE 06/01/2016 at 4:17 pm

    For sophisticated travelers who are looking for a unique and exclusive visit to Luxor, this is the perfect place to stay. From the prompt and friendly emails with Mara who arranged everything, to Amr and Ahmed who looked after the two of us in person and were so attentive and kind. It was a seamless and enjoyable visit to Egypt. Mohamed is an exceptionally knowledgeable egyptologist and communicates wonderfully in idiomatic English. Mahmoud negotiated the daunting Egyptian roads with calm aplomb. We would also say that we felt completely adopted by the staff within minutes of arrival and you can’t really put a price on that feeling. We will definitely recommend Mara House to any fellow travelers to Luxor.

  9. Serena A 22/09/2015 at 4:14 pm

    We (my husband and I) visited Mara house as part of our honeymoon. A private taxi was organised from our hotel in Hurghda to Luxor for our two night stay. The driver was exceptional, as was the guide Mohammad. Mohammad’s knowledge is second to none, he was also incredibly patient as a fair skinned girl from the north of Scotland I really struggled with the heat at times. He helped me fulfil a life long dream of visiting the valley of the Kings. He was also very helpful in learning the correct way to “haggle”.
    The Mara house Staff, Ahmed, and Armha provided us with a very warm (no pun intended) welcome, making us feel like we were at home away from home. The food Armha prepared for us was exceptional and with out a doubt thee best meal we had in Egypt. We will be recommending Mara house to our friends, and hope to return in the future.

  10. temery, singapore 10/07/2015 at 4:13 pm

    It had been a childhood dream to visit Egypt but so many things, especially at this time, seemed to say “Don’t go!” However, after reading Mara’s detailed and reassuring essays on every possible topic, I went. My goals were simple: see as many of Luxor’s temples, relax, eat local food, learn about customs. With an efficient manager (Ahmed), awesome chef (Amir), knowledgeable guide (Mohammed), and safe driver (Mamout), I easily fulfilled my dream in safety and comfort. Thank you Mara, you have an amazing team.

  11. Mterebes, Chicago, Ilinois 27/04/2015 at 10:12 am

    I just finished a 3 day stay at Mara House and I wanted to take the time to let others know about this incredible hotel. Nestled in a back road away from the normal tourist strip, Mara House provides a unique opportunity to live in an Egyptian residential neighborhood. It is easy to walk to surrounding attractions and restaurants, but when you walk back to the hotel, you’re given a glimse of what life is like for locals. The room was clean, spacious and had hot water. The tours I took with Mara House were comprehensive and entertaining. The breakfast was pretty tasty too! Ahmed was an incredibly interesting person to talk to and made my stay easy!

  12. RudyN, Phoenix, Arizona 08/04/2015 at 11:10 am

    I never write reviews but I was so happy with my stay at Mara House that I thought I should share. I happened across Mara House’s Web site when I was researching my itinerary for Egypt. The information on the Web site about Egypt, sight-seeing, and tips for travelers was so helpful that I decided to stay at Mara House. Having been to Egypt now and stayed at Mara House I can attest that everything Mara House’s Web site says is true. The accommodations were clean, nicely-appointed, and comfortable. My room was spacious and had a very convenient refrigerator stocked with items at uninflated prices. Mara House and my room were wonderful respites from the excitement, dust, and heat of Luxor and a day’s sight-seeing (the air conditioner worked great).

    Even better than the accommodations was Mara House’s service. The staff were friendly, helpful, and went out of their way to make me comfortable. Example: I arrived around 10:30 at night. When I checked in I asked if they had a map since I like to do my sight-seeing on foot. Not only did they provide a map but they also took me on a half-hour walk at 11:00 at night to show me how to get to downtown Luxor! On the walk, the gentleman explained all kinds of things about the city, e.g. how to buy food at the shops, how much to pay for transportation, how to get in touch with Mara House if I experienced any trouble, etc. I don’t think the staff ever slept or left the lobby because every time I returned to Mara House from my excursions, they were there to open the door even though I had my own key and ask how everything was. They also were up at 4:30 am on the day that I left to make sure I was awake and accompany me to the airport with the driver they arranged.

    I am not one for guided tours since I like to find and experience things on my own, but I would recommend you let Mara House arrange for tour guides and drivers for any excursions that take you out of Luxor, like the Valley of the King or the temples at Abydos and Dendera. I discovered that things are not clearly marked or explained and that walking the Valley of the Kings would have taken up too much of my valuable sight-seeing time. Mara House made all my touring easy. I told the staff where I wanted to go and they arranged for a driver and tour guide for both of my day trips. All I had to do was show up in the lobby in the morning and everything was taken care of! The tour guide was friendly and accommodating and took care of buying all the tickets and navigating through the itinerary. Thankfully, the drivers knew their craft well since driving in Egypt is not for the faint-hearted.

    I loved everything I did and saw in Egypt, but I would go back just to stay at Mara House again.

  13. Spirit56, Vancouver, Canada 06/04/2015 at 4:08 pm

    You enter this lovely lodging through a very ornate entrance and immediately you feel the peace and tranquility of a beautifully decorated Egyptian home. It was our first visit to Egypt and everything is sonew and unfamiliar but Ahmed, our host,greeted us so warmly with offers of tea and conversation, that we felt relaxed and at home. Ahmed took such great care of us. He organized an excellent felucca ride for us and recommended an exceptionally good restaurant for us to dine at later. He made sure that the folks transferring us to our ship the next day knew exactly where to come to. He really couldn’t do enough for us. Ahmed even went out of his way to help us but some gin! Not always easy to do in Egypt!
    Mara House is lovingly maintained and as I have mentioned above,decorated with lovely Egyptian textiles which give it quite an exotic atmosphere. The rooftop deck is lovely anytime of day and wonderful at night to watch the stars from. The rooms are spotlessly clean and bright and contain all that you need for a comfortable stay including cold drinks. Mara House can arrange excellent to tours in Cairo too!
    I also highly recommend that at anyone to travelling to Egypt for the first time read Marie’s website. It is a goldmine of info. We found it so very helpful in everyway. Thanks Marie. Your operations are first class!

  14. Catherine, Melbourne, Australia 28/03/2015 at 9:22 am

    From the first exchange of emails, Mara was very generous with her advice not only in regards to my planned stay in Luxor but also in regards to the whole trip. No question, query was too much trouble and she basically became my travel adviser for this holiday in Egypt I had been dreaming about for years.

    Staying at Mara House is like staying with the locals in a beautifully appointed private house, away from the tourist area.
    I was fortunate to stay there twice, first with my son and a week later on my own. The suite I shared with my son was very spacious, tastefully decorated, well appointed including five star quality bed linen. The suite was smaller on my second stay but had the same ‘home away from home’ feel and attention to details.
    The breakfast was a delicious spread and nothing was too much trouble for Ahmed and Amr: from organising a taxi when required to recommending excellent restaurants when in Luxor and picking me up in Aswan in a private car to get back to Luxor.
    The Abydos and Dendera tour organised for us by Mara House was outstanding: from the very knowledgeable Egyptologist guide we had to the smooth driving of the chauffeur and the delicious cold lunch provided.
    Mara and Mara House turned my stay in Egypt into an unforgettable, wonderful holiday.
    If you are looking for a unique experience, outstanding service and care, Mara House is the place to stay.

  15. Cyclinglamb, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 07/03/2015 at 4:05 pm

    Mara House was recommended to me by a friend who had used Mohammed, Mara’s excellent guide, the year before. I was not disappointed, the service and responsiveness was great, Mara was really helpful in setting us up with Mohammed as a guide for our two days in Luxor, the accommodation was clean, spacious and quiet. It’s on a backstreet in Luxor in a neighbourhood next to regular Egyptians, which lends the feel of being in the country proper rather than in a tourist enclave. All in all, this is a great place to stay in Luxor that is good value, clean, comfortable with helpful staff and a great tour guide on offer – highly recommended.

  16. Odysseus101, London 01/03/2015 at 10:59 am

    Wonderful stay and great if you want to get away from the main tourist scene. I stayed there once before in 2010 and standards remain excellent although as with the rest of Luxor tourist numbers are well down and there was only one other set of guests. In Mara’s absence the hotel was being run buy two young Egyptian chaps who set the bar very high in terms of customer service. Nothing was too much trouble for them whether it was early breakfasts, arranging a bicycle to hire or anything else. Mara had kindly arranged two excellent tours for me before I arrived which came with driver and a very good guide (North to Dendra and South to Philae) and I would recommend both.

    The actual hotel is interesting being on the far (non tourist) side of the railways tracks about 8 minutes walk from the station and 20 minutes to Luxor temple. It’s down a quite but safe side street. The location may be a consideration for some people as you are away from the main sites and restaurants but taxis are cheap if needed and Mara house has a couple on call.
    The rooms are large with a bedroom and separate living room with fridge and sink. I slept well although you are ‘in range’ of an early morning call to prayer although the same could be said of many places.

    In terms of deciding to book the location is the main swing factor given the excellent service can be taken as read. If you are happy to be in a ‘local’ area away from tourists and the centre then this is an excellent option. If you are looking for the 5* experience or simply want a view over the Nile with inbuilt restaurant and room service probably not for you.

  17. Golapendu, San Francisco 28/10/2014 at 4:00 pm

    Don’t even think about it. Just book a stay here. From the get go, Mara not only helped me book a stay in her lovely hotel, but gave invaluable help in planning our whole trip to Egypt. She gave us great advice on how many days to spend in each of the three locations that we were staying plus helped me book very nice guides in both Luxor and Cairo. She also helped us book a hot air balloon ride of the Valley of the Kings that was really unforgettable and one of the highlights of our trip. She organized pick ups for us at the airport (even though our party of four had two separate arrival times) and her staff is probably one of the most accommodating I have ever run across. Due to a slight delay (and some lost luggage) we arrived past midnight and not only did her crew give us a warm greeting upon arrival but let us know that they were available to us 24/7. Think you will get that kind of attention at the bigger name hotels? No way. The rooms were very comfortable and our two rooms were connected by a living room area, great for lounging around and chilling out. The next 3 days were filled with so much sightseeing at the Luxor and Karnak temples, a day trip to Abydos and Dendara, the aforementioned balloon ride before the tour through the Valley of the Kings, and the temples and tombs surrounding the area. All through it, Mohammed our guide, gave us very knowledgeable, pertinent information but also gave us time to explore on our own. He was a pretty cool guy. One night, in asking for a taxi to get a dinner in town, the staff suggested a calesh ride for the same price. What a cool experience. Being driven around in a carriage by donkey and getting to see some of the city was definitely worthwhile. The staff will always let you know how much the taxis will cost so there is no haggling or surprised with the drivers. I found the prices quoted were more than fair. The last day though is when the staff and Mohammed really shined in helping us over some bumps. One of my friends space out and forgot to buy his ticket from Luxor to Cairo so that necessitated a sort of complex departure that involved having our driver take him to the ferry form where we were on the tour, to another taxi that would take him to the airport. That latter taxi stopped at Mara house to collect my friend’s luggage first so that we wouldn’t have to bring it with us during the day. One of the staff from the hotel came with the taxi to make sure my friend would meet up with the taxi driver and get to the airport in time.

    The level of service continued in Cairo as the people Mara arranged to take us to our hotel from the airport had to first negotiate the red tape in getting my other friend’s luggage out of storage that the airline had lost and refused to deliver to Luxor. The gentleman was with my friend for an hour and a half before he finally was able to get it and we were able to leave for our hotel. Our guide in Cairo, also arranged by Mara was excellent and I have to agree with her advice that if there is one place in all of Egypt to have a guide, it is at Giza. The level of hassle and aggressiveness by the vendors and touts there was really hard to watch. Without a guide, we would definitely would have been followed around relentlessly like I witnessed other tourists there experiencing.

    All in all, I recommend Mara’s hotel and her staff and indispensable advice with all my heart. I have traveled to over 40 countries in the world (even though I usual don’t write reviews, I felt compelled to do so for her and her staff) and while I may have stayed in more posh hotels, none have had the level of service she and her staff provided. We stayed at the Hilton in both Cairo and Sharm-el-Shiek and while the staff there was competent and nice, there was no comparison in the attention to detail and willingness to help Mara and her crew showered upon us. As I said in the beginning, don’t hesitate to make a booking with her. In fact, don’t hesitate to come to Egypt. We had one of the best trips ever here.

  18. BDB, South Africa 25/01/2014 at 5:58 pm

    I had planned to stay at a 5 star hotel in Luxor but cancelled my booking after reading reports on Mara House on Trip advisor. I loved staying at Mara House which I found homely, comfortable and the staff and Mara very accommodating and friendly. Mara arranged transfers from Aswan with stops to Luxor and a taxi on the West Bank all of which were competitively priced and I compare prices. The house is in a residential area, where there is construction and the streets surrounding the hotel are filled with the sounds of daily Egyptian life, which I enjoyed. The walk to the station may not suit everyone, but I found the neighborhood safe and interesting, the locals are just interested in who you are, laughing, teasing, children asking for money, but all good natured. If you enjoy 5 star hotels and everything that comes with them, this hotel may not be for you. If you are looking for something more authentic, give it a go. I would stay with Mara and her team if I returned to Luxor in a heartbeat

  19. Aussie-in-the-desert, Perth, Australia 15/10/2013 at 8:06 pm

    Stayed at Mara’s House in both Cairo and Luxor. Both Mara and Stephen were most helpful and welcoming to us, and kept us clear of the usual tourist traps that are rife in Egypt. They even recognised our food poisoning symptoms before we did and gave us special ‘Egyptian grade’ medication to prevent the onset, so we owe our whole trip to their helpfulness since it would’ve otherwise have been quite unpleasant. They helped us organise tours, recommended restaurants, told us the do’s and don’ts and generally gave us a lot of inside info that we would’ve never have found out ourselves. Accommodation was clean, tidy, comfortable and good value. Would not stay anywhere else and glad we found them.
    You won’t be disappointed!

  20. Syed 02/07/2013 at 1:48 am

    We arrived at Cairo airport and lost my mum’s baggage, then at Luxor, your driver thought our flight was arriving the next morning at 7.00AM instead of the evening at 7.00PM. What more could go wrong? We were a family of six, tired and our spirits at the lowest when we arrived at Mara House….you changed everything. The fragrance of incense as we entered the reception hall…Mara, you were there to welcome us and right away made us feel at home. You took care of us very well and we had a great time at Luxor. The trips were well arranged and Mohammed, our tour guide was very knowledgeable and professional. When we remember our Egypt tour, we remember the great time we had at your place and the wonderful staff that you have. Please convey our greetings to them. When we were in Cairo, the kids, being spoiled at your place, used Mara House as a bench mark and were not as happy as when they were at your place.
    Thank you for the wonderful and memorable time that we had at your place.

  21. Georgina Morley 11/06/2013 at 8:40 pm

    As you know, Mara, we had the most wonderful time with you – Mara House is a lovely peaceful comfortable oasis in the middle of Luxor, everyone there is kind and helpful, and Ramadan is an absolute star. We’d love to come again.

  22. Raymond Stirton 11/06/2013 at 2:10 pm

    Thank you very much for providing us with such a memorable and enjoyable experience. Nothing was to much trouble for your staff and in particular we appreciated the personal touch to arrange visits to the sites with a reliable driver and tour guide. Local advice on the do’s and dont’s was also very valuable. As a jaded traveller of many years, the level service we enjoyed and quality of the suite made for a unique experience. No hesitation in giving my recommendation.

  23. Kim 06/06/2013 at 8:39 am

    These pictures of Mara house bring back awesome memories 🙂 We stayed at Mara house in January 2013. My husband and I work in kuwait and we met up with my parents and sister in Luxor. It was an amazing trip, I loved the privacy and “suite-like” hotel rooms. It was perfect for us to reconnect with family and have a relaxing trip. Highly recommended!

  24. Elizabeth 05/06/2013 at 2:38 pm

    Mara, quite simply I had a splendid unique time at your house.
    Every moment was filled with curiosity, knowledge and excitement of being in a far away place. The daily excursions to the temples, souks and markets enabled me to step into a bygone magical era.

    My stay was also made memorable by the comfortable surroundings within Mara House. From the elegant ambiance of my suite, to the efficiency of your staff. I would like to extend appreciation to Amr who was courteous, polite and very professional at all times.

    I look forward to my next visit where I am ensured of an Irish welcome in a distant land.

    Go raibh mile, mile maith agat


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