Last night after Abydos and Dendera we checked into our Cruise Boat on the Nile.  We had an early start this morning – lots to see!  Apologies that the blogs are not that exciting – the fact is all we do is sleep, wake, eat, see the tombs, temples and monuments, eat, laugh, chat and back to sleep – but tomorrow night we will all be dressing up in Egyptian clothes for our gallabeya party.  Our days are full but I believe everyone is happy with that.

Valley of the Kings:

A new development and one to be taken advantage of asap because this will surely not last long- you can now buy a ticket that allows you to photography INSIDE the tombs in the Valley of the Kings.  And so here are just a few of mine.

Hatshepsut’s Temple:

The female ruler who dressed as a man and ruled for 20 years.  More on that later.  Right now I am just recording the bare bones of our trip.  Later I will be coming back and fleshing them out a bit more, probably change some photos around and tell the stories of the places we are visiting.  Why am I showing you a photo of buses?  Because I am so happy to see them.  There was a time we complained because of all the tourists in the sites.   Now they signify our rising tourist industry and that is something to be extremely happy about – for us.   Maybe not for the tourists in the coming years who will no longer have the sites to themselves.

Temple of Medinet Habu:

Temple of Rameses III – come back to hear the story of his son – now famous as the “screaming mummy”, and how the Pharaoh knew how much to pay his soldiers after a battle – a bit gruesome but I’m going to leave you guessing now because time is short and sleep is calling me.

A lovely lunch back on the boat and an hour to catch our breath afterwards.

Tombs of the Nobles:

Workers Village:

Colossi of Memnon

Gotta go – will try to add more later.

Diary of a Group Tour with Mara House Luxor.



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