3 Nights at Mara House Luxor – Accommodation + Tours.  Our clients are discerning, independent travellers wanting guaranteed unique, quality experiences.  We are not really what budget travellers are looking for.   We will show you Luxor over 3 days – bookable anytime of the year .  Tour the best Luxor sites and savour our authentic home cooked food.

Mara House is NOT ON THE TOURIST strip, nor on the Nile.  We are in a normal, ordinary Egyptian street, among the locals, behind the train station.  Despite our best efforts the streets are dirty and a western person could be forgiven for thinking we are in a poor area.  We are not.  It is simply that Egyptians do not have the same priorities we do when it comes to what is outside the front door.  If you want to see what it is like among the locals then Mara House is for you.  If you prefer the usual 5 star hotel surroundings in the street then you need go to the tourist strip.  Having said that – with our Luxor package you are not going to spend time wandering the streets anyway :-).

When I built Mara House I choose not to be in the tourist strip and among the souvenir shops.  I choose my street as a place where tourists could get a feel for Egypt as it is today and an opportunity to understand a different culture.

This package will save you hours of research, keep you out of tourist traps, give you the company of great guides and is a good balance between activity and relaxation.  You will be well taken care of and we will ensure that your hours with us flow as smoothly and surely as the river Nile.


  • 3 nights accommodation at Mara House – your own private, apartment-size suite consisting of bedroom, sitting-room and bathroom.  If you are more than 2 persons or a family you will have a suite containing 2 or 3 bedrooms (sleeping up to 6), bathroom and dining area as well as extraordinarily large sized sitting room.
  • 3 breakfasts
  • Tour to West Bank, Tour to Karnak & Luxor Temples, Tour to Abydos and Dendera Temples
  • The full Salahadeen Feast.
  • An hour sailing the Nile around sunset.
  • A calesh ride (horse and carriage) around the town.
  • FREE High speed wi-fi (some hotels charge as much as €30 per hour for wi-fi)
  • Transfer to the airport, train station or your Cruise Boat on departure.
  • Extra nights are at a reduced rate
  • When possible we allow early check-in and late-check out with no extra charges.

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For full details on the Luxor Package contact Mara here


Integrate the Luxor Package with our “Cairo Package” package or contact Mara for info on a cruise option to Aswan.


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  1. 782robyn, Ellicott City, Maryland, USA 26/03/2018 at 9:51 am

    Cozy, beautifully decorated, clean & excellent service!

    I first inquired about staying at Mara House via email one week prior to my anticipated visit. Mara sent a prompt email response which included options for day trips to temples. The entire package price was affordable and to my surprise included a driver and tour guide to the temples, a sunset cruise on the Nile, and a fabulous dinner on my last night!

    My 3 awesome nights at Mara House were made unforgettable by Ahmed, the hotel manager, the driver Ahmed, and the tour guide, Mohamed. Breakfast and the final dinner on my last night was great and the chef accommodated my vegetarian diet. I received impeccable service in a cozy, clean, and beautifully decorated hotel!

    Thank you Mara!
    Reviewed on TripAdvisor

  2. Tam A - Kuwait 03/02/2018 at 10:00 am

    A different hotel experience with top notch service

    This was quite different for us, in the sense that we were the only people in the hotel. So my daughter and I had a large family room, but with only one bedroom. It has a huge living area with a fridge and sink. It’s very clean and well maintained and while the bathroom is different than most Westerners are used to (no shower stall), it is scrupulously clean, no mold, nothing. No elevator so be prepared to get a leg work-out on the stairs.

    The location is in a residential neighborhood. No, you can’t just walk to restaurants or shops and yes, there is major construction all around (including the city which was ripping up streets to replace gas lines, nothing the hotel had any control over) but while the views from the roof top terrace might not have been stellar it was lovely up there in the sun.

    The breakfast is basic but fresh and prepared whenever you want it. 7:00, 10:30, complete flexibility. We found this hotel through a package. We got 3 nights and 3 days and it included tours on each day, a carriage ride, boat ride, etc. The best part was the flexibility. Because we were leaving at midnight on day 4, they completely arranged the tour so that we didn’t end up having a whole day with nothing to do and made another suggestion to keep us busy. There was no pressure to follow the schedule, it was completely at our desire.

    We had the same guide for all three days. His name was Mohammed (not sure last name) and he was great. He spoke perfect English, was pleasant and knowledgeable and it was great to have the same guide with only 2 of us (1 extra the last day but not an issue) and I would highly recommend him. He also didn’t try to force us to take extra tours on the side for more money, was very helpful in letting us know who we had to tip where and how to avoid tipping if we didn’t want assistance and never once pressured us to stop at a tourist shop or buy anything. It was refreshing to have a guide who was focused on guiding and not getting a cut from a friend’s shop.

    Our main driver was Ahmed Modi. He had a taxi and except for one big tour out of town, was our driver for all tours and when we wanted to go out in the evening for dinner. He spoke great English, was charming, always made sure we got where we were going, we were again never “suggested” we go to X or Y, and went out of his way to help us out. It was like having a personal driver and while you are not downtown, it is fairly inexpensive to take a taxi there.

    The crown jewel though was Ahmed, the manager of the hotel for lack of a better word. When we would return from dinner or a tour they would phone and tell him we were coming and it was like having your mom waiting for you at the door. He arranged everything for us, made sure we knew what was going on, ordered food for us when we were too tired to go out, my daughter sprained her ankle on the second last day and he went to the pharmacy and got her cream to ease the pain, he was just a really pleasant fellow who spoke perfect English. He was just tops with customer service.

    So if you like typical anonymous hotels (I usually do) and want to stay right on the Nile or right in the heart of the action (such as it is, Luxor is a small town) this is probably not for you, but if you like to feel that you are not just a number on a tour and arrangements taken care of for you, it’s ideal. We were two women traveling and it was nice to not have to deal with some of the less savory sides of things (not that we don’t have extensive experience traveling together and solo – but Egypt is a completely different environment). So if you are looking for a slightly more non-commercial experience and it was really a great price for hotel with all tours included.

    Reviewed on TripAdvisor – travelled Jan 2018 – Family.

  3. NKhor - Malaysia 02/01/2018 at 1:49 pm

    A Wonderful Stay

    We planned a year end visit about two weeks before the leaving Malaysia. Despite this short notice, Mara and her team made our stay a most wonderful experience. One key ingredient is that Mara delivers exactly what she promises.

    Our stay was made special by the attentive Ahmed, who is the manager at Mara House and also our guides Mohamed (Luxor-Aswan) and Fatma (in Cairo).

    We started out in Luxor instead of Cairo and Mohamed made our tour most interesting as there is a clear understanding of his ancient heritage, so whilst we did the usual visits to the Valley of the Kings, Karnak and Luxor temples, we also visited less the worker’s village and the Hellenistic temples at Abydos and Dandera.

    Also, Fatma gave us a grand tour of Cairo showcasing what contemporary Egypt has to offer. Despite what appears to be a rather packed schedule,

    Mara and her team made sure there were quiet moments floating down the Nile in a Falucca. It was indeed a magical and wonderful experience.


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