Are you curious about the real Egypt?  If you are wondering what daily life is like in Egypt, then Mara House Hotel Luxor is exactly what you are looking for.  We are not on the tourist strip.  Mara House is located in a small street about 10 mins walk from the back of the Railway Station.  Everything to do with tourism is on the other side of the station.

There are no taxis or horse carriages waiting outside our door, unless we call for them.  You will see people sitting on their doorsteps chatting and children playing outside.  At the moment our street is not very good to look at because the government broke it up to install natural gas in all the houses – in the meantime nobody bothers to clean up, apart from ourselves.  Just being honest here.  Many of the street around us have been repaved and we await the happy day we will once again have tarmac on the road and all the pavements put back in place.

The decor at Mara House is somewhat reminiscent of what you might have found in a rather grand Egyptian family home perhaps a hundred years ago.  We pick up bits and pieces of history wherever we find it for the House and there is a story to go with every piece 🙂


Amr – the House Manager is also our amazing Chef.   The restaurant was the brainchild and work of my son, Stephen and his wife, Sara.  The Salahadeen Feast took our restaurant to #1 on TripAdvisor while it was open to the public.  Our food is traditional, healthy, wholesome Egyptian cuisine which Amr learned from his mother at a very young age.  These days, the Feast is a treat reserved for our in-house guests only.


Your accommodation is not only a hotel room – it is a suite. It contains between 1 -3 bedrooms, a private sitting room and bathroom (shower, no bath). Our beds are comfortable, our water is hot and our standard of cleanliness/hygiene is first class.


Mara House has a sun terrace filled mostly with cacti and bougainvillea where you can relax and it is especially enjoyable at night. We always have clear skies so if you like star-gazing you will truly enjoy this space.  Our newly built BBQ on the roof should quickly become a favourite with everyone this winter.  Yes – BBQ in the winter in Egypt.


We have been helping our guests organise their sightseeing since 2005.  While we are happy to have you stay at Mara House without taking our tours, I have no problem saying you will be missing out on meeting our exceptional Egyptologist – Mohamed Ahmed.


The Mara House 3 night package has proved to be our most popular product for the last 8 years – you can find info here 0r contact Mara for full details.


Hi, I'm from Ireland and I built Mara House, a small, family run, unique boutique hotel in Luxor in 2003.....My promise is to deliver quality service, traditional food, comfort, enjoyable experiences, up-front pricing, no hidden extras.....PLUS I answer all your emails personally..... I provide professional, qualified tour guides who do NOT divert you to shops, restaurants etc. for commission.....We are best suited to people who like to be taken care of from airport entry to airport departure, people who want to avoid hassle, scams and tourist traps.....You deal directly with me and Mara House is NOT bookable via TripAdvisor nor any other online hotel website.Hope you find my travel info helpful -//.. Mara

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