Welcome to a photographic history of Mara House – (Nov 2017 this is under construction)

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GROUP TRIP with MARA March 2017


GROUP TRIP with MARA Nov 2016

Trying to get time to upload the past lol!Β  I will get to it bit by bit



2006 –

2005 – we had nightly teaching sessions in Mara House with the kids from our street – quite an experience for all involved!!

2004 – family comes to check out Egypt πŸ™‚

2003 – getting to know my new neighbours πŸ™‚ proudly photographed on their return to school

5th August 2003 – the building of Mara House


January 2003 – Marie becomes Mara, moves to Egypt, still playing Tour Leader in Egypt – life is good!

Bringing my first group to Egypt in 2000!!


Owner at Mara House Hotel Luxor
Hi - I'm Mara (Marie Vaughan) from Ireland...my aim is to be the best at what I do - not the cheapest so please do not compare Mara House products with others based on price...compare us on quality of service.

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