You have always wanted to visit Egypt and you have some idea of what you want to see.  However, once you start researching on the internet you get overwhelmed by the amount of information that comes up for every search.  It’s just mentally exhausting!  Let me help you plan your holiday in Egypt in 3 easy steps.  The main cities in Egypt for tourism purposes are Cairo, Luxor and Aswan

1.  Where to go?

Follow the links below for each location.  They lead to the tours I offer in each location and from what you read there you will get a good idea of the main sites of interest in each location.

2.  Why to go?

I like to know the stories behind the buildings I visit when on holiday and where possible I specially like to know about the people who built them, why they built them and who lived in them.  I don’t have a head for dates.  I can’t retain them and they don’t help put events in a timeline that makes any sense to me.  Most people think of the Pyramids, King Tut and the pharaonic period when they think about Egypt.  But there is much, much more to Egypt than the pharaonic era and I’m enthralled by the Medieval, Islamic and Modern History aspects of Egypt.   But then, I’m after the stories 🙂 Here a few to get you started.

3.  How to go?

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