The MAJOR difference between my tours in Cairo with all others online is that I tell you clearly what is included/excluded.  You know exactly where you are going, what you will see & how much you will pay.  I personally researched all my tours in Cairo from the point of view of a first time visitor to Egypt.  They are designed to give you the maximum enjoyment with the minimum effort and hassle.  When you read tour descriptions you really need to carefully figure out what is included.

My Tours in Cairo:

  1. Include all the entry fees on the sites, great guide and air-conditioned transport.
  2. Will not surprise you with ‘extras’ at any site – any optionals are detailed from the beginning in the tour descriptions.
  3. Are quality tours and we will not sidetrack you to shops etc. during any tour.

You may be wondering…  ‘Do I need a guide in Cairo?

Click on the tours listed for full details.

GIZA PLATEAU – Full Details

SAQQARA & MEMPHIS – Full Details

CAIRO MUSEUM – Full Details

Antiquities Museum at Tahrir Square

Antiquities Museum at Tahrir Square


COPTIC CAIRO – Full Details


MYTHICAL TOUR in Cairo – Gayer Anderson House (Beit Al-Kreitlia) & Ibn Tulun Mosque – Full Details

Of all the tours in Cairo we do I really love the Gayer Anderson House – I think it is my most favourite place to visit.  I love the story of Major R.G. Gayer-Anderson Pasha   I love the house, it’s legends and secrets.  I love the legends that are part of the Ibn Tulun mosque – it is a real shame that the majority of tourists miss out on visiting these gems!


Currently our Cairo Tours are only available as part of our Cairo Package, a combination of accommodation/tours, part of our 9 night Egypt Package or our Group Tours with Mara.  If you have stayed at Mara House or have taken the Luxor Package we are happy to organise your Cairo Tours without Cairo accommodation.


Owner at Mara House Hotel Luxor
Hi - I'm Mara (Marie Vaughan).I moved from Ireland to Egypt in 2003.I am passionate about providing the best possible experience for my guests - and my staff are even better than I am!Our aim is to be the best - not the cheapest so please do not compare us with others on what we offer based on price, we will lose everytime.But on experiencing the best of Egypt based on transparency, honesty and comfort, we can't be beaten.

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