For me the most important of our tours in Luxor is to the Sety I Temple at Abydos and the Temple of Hathor at Dendera.  I have always urged my guests to do these particular excursions with Mohammed even if they do no other tours or sightseeing with us.  They are the most perfect, most intact, most colourful, best preserved, most detailed of all the Temples.  Moreover, they have more mysteries and unexplained images than any other Temple so far uncovered in Egypt.

Our tour to Abydos/Dendera leaves Mara House at 7.30 am with Mohammed.  He will also show you the things of mystery – such as the Flower of Life and the Helicopter carvings at Abydos Temple – which normally are not pointed out to visitors as there are no explanations for them.   To really experience the wonder of Abydos I highly recommend reading the amazing reincarnation story of a modern day English woman who lived in Abydos, recording and documenting it’s treasures – her name was Dorothy Eady better known as Omm Sety – you will find a book based on her own story at Amazon “Omm Sety’s Egypt: A Story of Ancient Mysteries, Secret Lives, and the Lost History of the Pharaohs”.

We travel in an air-conditioned minibus and arrive to Seti I Abydos Temple at approx. 10am.  The time in the Sety I Temple is 90 minutes.  We then travel back towards Luxor and arrive to Dendera Temple around 1.30pm   Having spent another 90 minutes in the Temple of Hathor we arrive back at Mara House around 4.30pm.  We aim for this timing because we must be inside Luxor City limits by 6pm, this is required by law and we must allow for possible delays along the way.


On 16 Jan 1895 Lady Layard paid a visit to Dendera Temple.   Her journey through the cornfields to the Temple took 20 mins, on a chair carried by four men and she says it was less than comfortable.  What I found funny was that over a hundred years later the hassle of tourists still continues – Lady Layard writes they were surrounded by natives calling for baksheesh.  Some things never change lol!



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