Travel by tourists between towns in Egypt by car, taxi or private bus is now permitted without having to travel by convoy (except maybe Aswan to Abu Simbel).  Travel by train is allowed for tourists but not all trains. Tourists are not allowed travel the day trains from Cairo – only on the overnight sleeper trains.  Tourists can (but not many do) travel on the public buses between towns in Egypt, unless there is political unrest or the police suspect it may not be safe.


You can now book the overnight sleeper trains that run between Cairo – Luxor – Aswan online.  If you are in Cairo and don’t have a printed confirmation of your booking, you should go to Ramses Train Station (not far from the Egyptian Antiquities Museum on Tahrir Sq) as soon as you arrive in Cairo to veryfy your booking and get your ticket to be sure your booking has registered.   If you are in Luxor or Aswan you will easily find the train stations there.  You will need your passports and $60 per person. You could also try asking your hotel or an agent to purchase sleeper train tickets in advance (not always possible). You would have to fax them a copy of your passports. Most will charge a fee of around $20 for doing this.


If taking the day trains from Aswan to Cairo it is usually not possible to buy the tickets before the departure day but you can check the schedules online.  Tourists are not allowed travel the day train from Cairo to Luxor.


There are two internal flight operator within Egypt.  They are Egypt Air and Nile Air.  Both are open for online booking of flights, but not less than 2 days in advance.   Do remember to print out your ticket because security may not let you pass into some airports without this. At Cairo Airport the Egypt Air office will print your online tickets for you.


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