6 Main means of transport in LUXOR:

  • Taxi
  • Calesh (horse and carriage)
  • Private minibus or car
  • Public Ferry between East and West Bank
  • Motor Launch between East and West Bank


  1. Always agree the price BEFORE you get in. If doing a return journey BE CLEAR on the TOTAL price of the journey.
  2. Take the time to ensure you have all your belongings out of the taxi BEFORE you pay.
  3. Try to have the exact amount handy and pass it in the window. Since you have previously been clear about the fare take you belongings and walk away after paying.  DO NOT look back…this signals you are willing to pay more if he has a problem with what you gave him.  Taxi prices in Luxor are much higher than in Cairo, not just for tourists – but for Egyptians
  4. At Mara House we have 3 regular taxi drivers and one regular calesh driver.  This means they get regular dependable work and so give fixed prices to our guests.  There is no need to hassle or bargain with them over money and we take no commission from them for giving them the business.

CALESH (Horse and Carriage)

If hiring a calesh to tour Luxor town be clear BEFORE you get in how long the ride is, where it goes, the total cost for the calesh NOT  the cost per person and in which currency.


  1. Choose a calesh where the driver does not use a whip
  2. Choose a calesh where the horse looks in good condition (any sore spots….look at the legs…any rope chaffing)
  3. TELL the driver you don’t want the horse beaten or whipped and you are not in a hurry!
  4. TELL the calesh driver you are refusing that it is because his horse is not well, looks sick etc. this takes time and patience

The 2011 revolution impacted the horses in Luxor and Aswan greatly because many calesh owners suddenly had their livelihood ended overnight and eventually found it very difficult to feed their animals.


You can hire car or minibus from any Travel Agent or through your hotel and prices are fixed but vary from agent to agent etc.

Motor Launch to cross the Nile from East to West Bank can be found anywhere along the Cornishe El Nile St. and has to be bargained for.  Again be clear on the price, total cost, currency and whether or not it includes the return journey.  You will have to bargain the price.


The bridge between the East & West Bank in Luxor is closed to tourists from 6pm to 6am so all tourists staying on the East Bank who go sightseeing on the West Bank must be back across the bridge by 6pm unless they want to travel on the ferry which operates all night and on which there are no restrictions.

The ferry between East & West Bank in Luxor is 1LE for tourists.



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