“Is it safe to go to Egypt?” is one of the first questions I am asked in almost every email I get.  I know Egypt is perfectly safe for tourists and has been every day since Jan 2011 – I know because I lived in Cairo for most of those years.   Eventually I just wrote a blog to answer the question “Is it safe to go to Egypt?” which I kept referring people to.   Now, Egypt has been rarely in the news the last few years, so the fact that I was still being asked that question eventually had me wondering if there was something I didn’t know about!

In March this year (2015) I showed an Aussie friend – Dave, around Egypt – following a typical tourist route.  We met up in Cairo, flew down to Luxor, took a Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan, back to Luxor for a few days to see the sites there and then back to Cairo.  I intended before going on the trip to blog my way through Egypt, seeing it not only through my own eyes but Dave’s also.  However, that’s not what developed…

Once we boarded the cruise boat, Egypt started to weave it’s magic – I began to unwind and soak up the atmosphere.  Over the next few days I managed a few blogs but by the time I got back to Mara House in Luxor I could not write any more.   Not because I lost inspiration but because I was so totally chilled out!  For the rest of the trip with Dave I just basked in the beauty of Egypt (yes, I know there are dirty streets – that’s not what I am talking about).

So, did I find Cairo etc etc. safe?  Yes, safe and wonderful – I had kinda forgotten what it was like or could be like for a tourist.  I don’t know what is going on in the world that still has people asking if Egypt is safe, and I really have no idea why the foreign travel agents are not all clamouring to put Egypt back on their books.  I don’t understand when I read about the Egyptian Ministry for Tourism trying to persuade tour companies or airlines to return to pre-2011 offers and schedules.  I don’t understand this because all they have to do is travel around Egypt themselves instead of watching their TV’s – you know some people think that Egypt is in the Middle East!?   Of course there are others who know it is in Africa who are afraid to go to Africa anyway…….ho hum – it’s a mystery of modern day living.


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