Abydos and Dendera: how I found them

When I first set foot in Egypt, I arrived with no knowledge whatsoever of its ancient wonders.  Nonetheless, a profound sense of belonging washed over me, a feeling of being “home” in some indefinable manner.   Yet, Egypt’s energy appears to shift based on whether one is a passing traveler or a resident.  I became busy with surviving, yes, even something as basic as sourcing suitable food proved challenging back in those early days.  I had been more accustomed to quick-fix processed meals back in Ireland, than preparing and cooking fresh produce as I found myself having to do in Egypt, a shift I had not anticipated.  It was extremely difficult and over the next few years the weight piled on as my daily diet consisted more of bread and chips than anything else!

Amid the hustle, the grand temples that drew countless visitors held little allure for me initially.  My focus was on surviving and, eventually, carving out a niche for myself, although the specifics of what I was creating and the purpose behind it remained hazy.  As I busied myself with construction, the realm of the temples remained in the background.

A transformation gradually unfolded as the guests of Mara House began to express interest in tours.  This prompted me to embark on a more earnest exploration of the sacred sites.  Over time, these sites wove their enchantment around my very soul, with Abydos and Dendera exerting the strongest and long-lasting allure.

Mara House guests were my teachers…

Curiously, it was the diverse array of visitors gracing Mara House who generously shared their wisdom that left an indelible mark.  Among these guests were teachers, esoterics, mystics and healers, bearing a wealth of knowledge not just about Egypt, but also its ancient traditions.  Their insights proved invaluable, eventually sparking a realization that even a single nugget of information could unlock a flood of new understanding in me.  With each visitor, a cornucopia of knowledge was unveiled, and, whether through subsequent guests, books, videos, or chance encounters with people within the temple precincts, pictures and concepts of ancient Egypt took hold in me, until the stories, secrets and legends of the sites became as real to me as anything else in my daily life.

then the student became the guide

This marked the beginning of a transformative journey, one where my eagerness to learn and the opportunity to share converged, shaping not just my connection with Egypt’s treasures but also my role in guiding others through its timeless mysteries.  In my desire to share my connection to Egypt with my guests, I developed a talent for being able to understand what each guest, those who were open to conversation and possibilities, was unconsciously looking for in life at the time they arrived on my door – and many arrived at my door in unexpected ways!  It was magical.  Very often a guest would ask a question I had not heard before and I would find the answers flowing out of me, information I realised was as new to me as it was to them.  The phrase “ask and it is given” held a new meaning for me.  I guess answers can only come if someone asks the question to bring it forth – and it always comes.

As I continue to explore and share the mysteries of this timeless land, I’m reminded that the search for knowledge about our origins knows no bounds.  Egypt’s enchantment endures, an eternal mystery that keeps unfolding, one question at a time.

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