Today we headed to Abydos and Dendera, my favourite Temples.

ABYDOS  is one of my two most favourite temples in all of Egypt (other one being Dendera).   I like to think there is more to life than the obvious material stuff we can see, hear and touch.  I like to believe we have powerful spiritual powers and abilities.  I would prefer to be Mary Poppins than the Little Rag Girl. 

I love the alternative side to Egypt’s monuments – the romance, the mystery and the unexplained.  Could anything be more unexplained than the carving of the helicopter, submarine, plane and stealth fighter on a temple about 3000 years old?  That temple is the Temple of Sety I at Abydos.

abydos helicopter

Google the subject on the web and you will find all kinds of explanations for this secret wonder – the one the Egyptologists like to give is that these pictures of a helicopter, submarine, plane and stealth fighter appeared when specific pieces of plaster fell off……I am not going to debate that other than to say “those pieces of plaster sure fell off in very specific form”!!  Jiri Mruzek makes an excellent scientific argument which debunks that particular theory.

I read somewhere that the upper registers on the Egyptian Temples showed futuristic events or possibilities.  Remember the Egyptians knew all about geometry, maths and the other sciences.  Leonardo da Vinci admitted before he died that many of his inventions came from knowledge the Ancient Egyptians possessed.  He had spent years working on a flying machine to name but one of his inventions.

From a different perspective…if the Egyptians wanted to leave a message that said “WAKE UP!!” Could they have chosen a better one?  Even the most hardened skeptic walking through Abydos Temple would have to look up at this carving on a 3000 year old temple and wonder “What…..?  Who?… When?” at the very least.

OOM SETI  – then there is the true story of the english woman, Dorothy Eady.   England 1904 January 16 Dorothy Louise Eady was born to Reuben Eady, master tailor and half Irish and Caroline Eady of London.  They lived in a flat in Blackheath, London.  At the age of 3 Dororthy fell down the stairs and was pronounced dead.  An hour later when a nurse went to lay out her body she found the little girl sitting up in bed.  However, Dorothy was never read more

A picture paints a thousand words and so it is with Dendera

A blog is supposed to be a series of short posts I believe – but I could go on forever talking about Abydos and Dendera but I gotta go and you just gotta come see for yourself 🙂

Diary of a Group Tour with Mara House Luxor.