Abydos: one of the two MOST MYSTERIOUS TEMPLES in Egypt

I like to think that beyond the realm of the visible and tangible, we have the ability to tap into profound spiritual powers and capabilities –  I would prefer to be Mary Poppins than the Little Rag Girl and believe that with some effort and practice we can have more power to shaper our material existence than most people dream of.

My fascination with Egypt’s monuments finds its roots in their alternative side – the romance, the enigma, the promise of unrevealed secrets and the uncharted mysteries.  And what can be more inexplicable than the astonishing carvings of a helicopter, submarine, plane, and stealth fighter on the ancient walls of the Temple of Sety I at Abydos?  Delve into this enigma on the web, and you’ll find various explanations, including the Egyptologists’ claim that these images emerged when specific pieces of plaster fell off the wall.   Jiri Mruzek makes an excellent scientific argument which debunks that particular theory.

What do you see? At Abydos!

Intriguingly, I have heard the theory that the upper registers on Egyptian Temples may have depicted futuristic events or possibilities. These ancient civilizations were well-versed in geometry, mathematics, and the sciences. The brilliance of Leonardo da Vinci, who drew inspiration from their knowledge, speaks to this profound connection.  Leonardo admitted before he died that many of his inventions came from knowledge he had found in ancient Egyptian scrolls he had access to.  He had spent years working on a flying machine based on an Egyptian scroll, to name but one of his projects.

From a spiritual point of view, if the ancient Egyptian priests wanted to leave a message that said “WAKE UP!!” Could they have chosen a better one?   Even the most skeptical soul walking through Abydos Temple cannot help but look up at this 3000-year-old testament and wonder “What?  Who?  When?”.  Indeed, these mysterious imprints evoke a timeless curiosity that transcends centuries and beckons us to ponder the vast mysteries that await our exploration.

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