In my previous blogs I have tried to give a balanced view of Egypt.  Now as the time and days pass I find that my focus has been fixed more and more on the media and it’s method of conveying the “news”. 

Read the following, do your own research and decide for yourself…………….this problem does not just affect Egypt although it (EGYPT) may turn out to be a victim of the media, we shall see.  No, this affects the world, because if they are doing this here, if they are just using their position of power (and who is more powerful than those who give us information?

We need information so we can make INFORMED decisions) then are they also doing it to us about everything else in the world?  We rely on them for truthful, objective reporting.  Let your voice be heard on this subject……………CALL FOR IMPARTIAL REPORTING, make your friends aware of what is going on.  Search the net yourself,  Take the newspapers, cut out the reports where the reporters are paraphrasing speeches etc. and giving their opinions –  paste them side by side with what the individuals quoting are saying, show this to your friends, write to the newspapers and call up your TV stations and Radio Stations.  And stop wondering why the media are being attacked in Egypt.

We all have satellite channels here and we can all hear what they are saying.   Turn to what they are saying and doing in your own newspapers about matters near to you, analyse them and don’t be led.  These are also days of truth for the people who are supposed to be giving us information.

Washington (CNN) — The White House stepped up its campaign for a peaceful transition and an end to the violence in Egypt Thursday as President Barack Obama called for greater respect for the “rights and aspirations of the Egyptian people.”
We pray “that a better day will dawn over Egypt,” Obama said at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington.The following is what President Obama actually said in reference to Egypt at the National Prayer Breakfast on 3 Feb 2011:

“we’re also mindful of the violence that we’re now seeing in the Middle East, and we pray that the violence in Egypt will end and that the rights and aspirations of the Egyptian people will be realized and that a better day will dawn over Egypt and throughout the world.”Full speech here.  Can you spot the difference between the actual words President Obama said and how CNN paraphrased them?  If you think they are the same, read them a few more times – brainwashing is sometimes unnoticable.


It isn’t until you are actually in the middle of a news story situation yourself that you become aware of how much we are primed by the media as to what to think and how to think about literally everything and anyone of any importance.  Hopefully you will never find yourself in a situation where you lose your family, your home, your job or your life – because of a situation or world event orchestrated by those who control our public and private communications media.

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