What is happening in Egypt now has never happened before in many ways.  While we do not have a civil war in Egypt in the traditional sense we do have a war being waged on many levels between two groups.

  • First group are the Egyptian people who went to the streets on 30th June and 26 July, the Interim Government, the Army under General Sisi and the Security Forces.
  • Second group are the supporters of the ousted Morsi and his muslim brotherhood group.  Unfortunately the second group has been joined by the United States, the EU, Qatar, the UN, Al Qaeda, most of the foreign media and the hosts of sleeping cells of the muslim brotherhood association around the world.

These sleeping cells are sending money, coming in person to swell the ranks of Rabaa Al Adawey and Nahda, and using social media to aid the Egyptian brotherhood.  Hereafter I am not going to use the word “muslim” when speaking about this group because every time I use it I insult the majority of muslim people around the world who do not subscribe to this group, the terrorist tactics they use, nor the Islam extremist radical groups they are affiliated with, to whom terror and death are now the normal way of achieving their aims.

The Brotherhood have taken two areas of Cairo to hold sit-ins – Radaa Al Adaweya and Nahda.  They are not patriotic Egyptians fighting for Egypt – they are part of the international brotherhood group fighting to control the world.  Their methods are infiltration of high positions within society and international governments, civil disruption, destructions of nations, chaos, terror and death – they feel nothing for the countries in which they live – they feel only for the brotherhood.  The marry within the group or the marry foreigners who become radicalised and they breed their soldiers.

These days in Egypt an amazing history is unfolding and we are all part of it.  An entire nation has stood up and said “NO!” to the Brotherhood.  No other country in the entire world has said that – so far.  In other countries the Brotherhood are worming away un-noticed, apart from the odd terror attack and their occasional contrived civil unrest over things like niquab and hijab, discrimination etc.  etc.  But in Egypt the entire nation have woken up simultaneously, recognised and rejected them.  Egypt then went on to do the second amazing thing – much to the disgust of the outside supporters, instead of going into civil war as brotherhood and foreigners predicted, the Egyptian people handed entire responsibility to deal with the problem to their government and Army, then went back to normal life.  Yes, there are times when normal people are having to defend themselves but I am expecting that the security forces will soon take that in hand.

The Egyptian people have two ways main ways in which to do their part in this play that is unfolding.  First is to continue with normal life and support the Interim Government in implementing new ideas, new projects and new initiatives.  Much damage has been done over the last year to the state institutions and the way of life – it will take time to repair but where we can should get on with improving our lives, our surroundings and our business.  Second is in the area of media technology and social media.


We cannot do much about what is reported and written in foreign media.  But our Egyptian media is doing a good job of reporting the truth inside Egypt.  Social media is an area where we can do a lot.  Have you noticed that mainstream media takes quite a lot of it’s news from Twitter and Facebook?  That is because people like you and me on the ground are first with the news.  It usually takes mainstream media about 3 days to relay our news because they have to check it out 🙂  Therefore people on Twitter and Facebook have many connections from around the world who rely on them for instant news.  They also rely on us for our opinions.

At this stage mainstream media have got lazy and while some have reporters on the ground – those reporters are human and influenced by the circles that surround them and also have their own personal slants and opinions which they incorporate into their reports.  News items in mainstream media are no longer factual.  News items in mainstream media are biased on every subject.  Mainstream media knows this – that is why they run those polls on news websites etc.  They want to gauge public reaction and opinion.  They know that even the most unbiased reporter can only speak with a small sample of a population.  We have Al JAzeera’s Stream and BBC’s facility where they want us to upload videos, stories and opinions – we are their on the spot reporters, whom they don’t have to pay 🙂 and they want our opinions.  I have forgotten what the CNN one is!

I have been watching Twitter over the last few weeks and, like many Egyptians, have gone berserk tweeting, retweeting and fighting on the subject of Egypt.   Unfortunately I have helped brotherhood many times over the last weeks without knowing it.  Now I have got wise to their social media tactics and would like to share my findings with you.

I have noticed a few important things on Twitter

  • Brotherhood are very organised on Twitter both from inside and from outside Egypt.
  • Many of the international brotherhood supporters set traps for us which we fall into all the time

If you want to work for Egypt against brotherhood and those who want to destroy Egypt on Twitter here are some guidelines.

  • Recognise when you are being baited and drawn into a trap
  • Recognise why you are being drawn into the trap
  • Don’t let brotherhood use you

BROTHERHOOD want publicity, they want their views circulated.  They want to create confusion and distraction.  Yesterday #Egypt was on fire over the events with the drone in Sinai.  A story was planted and everyone reacted with various degrees of fire on the subject.  Egyptians rushed to question the army allowing sovereign space etc. to be invaded.  Brotherhood were rolling around the floor laughing.  They had Egyptians questioning the army and distracted them from other things going on.  Please don’t let this happen again.  Take away their publicity, at the very least don’t help them with it.

EVERY TIME you retweet or push forward a comment, idea, quotation from brotherhood – that tweet is read by people who have not formed decisions or taken a side.  Your retweet can be the one to push the undecided to a decision or preference and they retweet it on and on and so it goes – on and on, spreading the brotherhood agenda.


  • Some of the really really good ones are foreign media reps – 3 have blocked me when I pursued them in debate.  You can check my timeline on them – one in particular is a failed dutch politician, married to Egyptian.   They are usually not obvious.
  • 75% of the time the Brotherhood activists tweet simple stuff that appears innocent and pro-Egypt, pro- gvt and army even.  Then every now and again they do a tweet which appears harmless but has a word or two with a doubtful connotation, an innuendo which casts doubt on what the Army or Government are doing.  Or they use a word of admiration when making a soft comment about Radaa Al Adaweya highlighting the lovely children playing, uploading the photos etc.  Much of this appears as harmless chatter – they draw you in, they RT your tweets, they have conversations with you, they make you feel good, they befriend you, they lull you into thinking they are laid back and passing time with you.  YOU then retweet their dangerous and damaging stuff without thought, without analyse, without realising what you are doing.
  • Then there are the obvious MB extreme supporters.  How do they get you to help them?  They make you angry.  They push you into an angry response.  Sometimes you do a tweet with your response while quoting them.  These ones are really laughing because all they wanted was to get you to push their tweet on further to a broader perhaps less informed audience.  You may think you are pushing your view but you are really also unwittingly promoting the Brotherhood agenda.  You cannot know how the mind of the person receiving the tweet works.


  • Think before you tweet on anything to do with Egypt.
  • If you now have a little doubt in your mind about someone you have been retweeting – check out their timeline with discernment.  Look at the odd word or sentence that makes you feel uneasy.  Best of all check out who is retweeting them.  If they are being retweeted by known or suspect Brotherhood activists and supporters that should tell you not to retweet them.
  • Don’t retweet the stuff about Egypt that makes you angry – this is for sure from Brotherhood.
  • Don’t tweet or retweet articles from media that speak negatively about Egypt, or speak what you know are lies.
  • Tweet all day long every positive piece of news you can find about Egypt.
  • Tweet and retweet the information we get directly from government.
  • Tweet and retweet what is said by people in power outside of Egypt opinions that are to Egypt’s advantage and support
  • Tweet about your positives ideas and thoughts
  • Tweet about people like Snowden and Bradley Manning and those who are fighting against those who want to control the world and cause wars in the Middle East, Africa etc.  Don’t forget Egypt is only part of the puzzle.  Open your mind to what those who are intent on causing war and destroying Egypt are doing in other countries around the world.  Spread awareness on these subjects.  Follow and support with tweets and retweets anyone you perceive to be fighting for what is right anywhere in the world – everything is connected in a battle between the mass population on Earth and those who want us to be slaves to them.

Make no mistake about it social media is a very important part of the Brotherhood propaganda machine.  They have the majority of foreign reporters in their pockets either through shared beliefs/aims, money, friendship or they have been cultivating them in other ways til now.

Egypt does not have an organised propaganda machine and is a novice on Twitter.  Have you noticed the absence of all those we followed so closely and whose every word we hung on during 2011?  They are not part of this fight against the Brotherhood.  Many are trying to dilute the opposition to the Brotherhood by starting a new movement – the Third Square, notice the way the Brotherhood are pushing this group – that should tell you who they are.

The cyber war on terrorism and Brotherhood in Egypt is up to you and me – people who love Egypt.  Be the one to open your mind, open your eyes, step up to the plate, discern and uncover those working against your country.  Take away their platform by taking your voice away from their tweets.  Join the group of astute people fighting for Egypt with their words.  This is a war where you are important and every word you tweet and retweet carries a powerful message from inside Egypt to the world.

Last thing Brotherhood wants the world to know is that we are getting on with life, that we are the majority, that we are working around the Brotherhood, that we do not attribute power to brotherhood, that Brotherhood are a minority.  Stop giving them publicity and power through your tweets.

See you on Twitter 🙂



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  1. You CAN make a difference to what is written/said in media – news channels etc. Complain about sloppy/inaccurate/biased reporting via their websites. Be very specific about phrases, terminology, examples of what is inaccurate, biased and offensive. I did. I got a personal response and the news channel raised their game. Coincidence? Maybe, or maybe complaints made a difference. They won’t agree openly but this doesn’t mean the point will not be taken on board. Media cannot get away with sloppy reporting as they did 10 years ago – communications are too strong these days and the reputations of media is literally ‘on the line’.