Day 1 – New friend Barbara – Steigenberger Hotel and our newly-weds

Every time I lead a group through Egypt I arrive super charged, ready to go and determined to write a daily blog on the trip.  If you have checked back on my posts here – I’ve never actually succeeded. Sometimes I never even got past to write the first day account, barely getting to do a facebook post or two.  This time I hope I will finally make it happen.

So, I left Ireland yesterday 7.30am headed to Cairo via a 4 hour stop-over in London Heathrow.

I like this stop-over because the shops have really nice (not everything too expensive) and it gives me time to get my head together for the group too.  So there I was inside in Boots when suddenly my tummy says “GET ME SOME FOOD” really strong out of the blue.  I headed for my fav restaurant on the ground floor and treated myself to a glass of wine that had a slight after taste of almonds (love almonds).  Wish I got the name of the wine,  it was amazing, so was their lasagne.  I’m sitting there (not using my phone) and wondering why I got the urge to come here so strong, was I going to meet someone special?

Down beside me sat a lovely woman my own age, on her way to visit her daughter in Sweden.  We quickly got chatting like old friends and suddenly realised it was boarding time for both of us.  We had both admitted we had the same future plans for having a good time.  She took my web address and as it stands now I hope my new friend will find her way to Egypt in the near future, bring her buddies who are of similar mindset to us and we plan on having a right ol’ romp through Egypt together.  It’ll be nice to let my hair down with some same age friends 🙂 Cos that trip will be a holiday for me too – can’t wait to see you here, Barbara!

London to Cairo was relaxing – about 5 hours.  I was to be met at the airport by Ahmed who was also picking up two of our group arriving same time.  Unfortunately their bags never made it out of Brussells airport but they should be here tonight.  The guests are a lovely young couple. The guy in “Lost Luggage” liked them so much that he gave them his personal phone number to call later for a luggage update.  A smile goes a long way in Egypt.  They are going to the airport tonight to pick up their luggage.  Even though 4pm is the cut off time for this at the airport the nice guy is going to get them in for their bags.   AND it’s the same time that we are picking up 8 more of our group.  Synchronicity is one of my fav words.

We are staying in Steigenberger El Tahrir – beautiful new hotel in Tahrir Sq (I’m sure you are familiar with the name).  The rooms are lovely, beds so comfy and super clean.  Luxurious bathroom with walk-in shower (huge shower head!) super-friendly staff (I think “Super” is my new word this week) and food to die for – seriously.  I would put up photos but my iphone camera is only working on the selfie side (and I’m too self-conscious to be taking photos of myself with a plate of food).  Hopefully get the phone sorted tomorrow.

Diary of a Group Tour with Mara House Luxor.