Several events are coming together today to make me think that a well organised and orchestrated plan has come into operation in Egypt.  The plan is to make the international community believe Egypt is headed for civil war and try to frighten the international community into intervention in Egypt and reinstating the Muslim Brotherhood in power.  Secondly to discredit the Egyptian Army.

The methods being used are the calls to violence from the MB, the withdrawal of the Salafists from the coalition, the warped reporting from MB supporting news companies such as Al-Jazeera and the social media campaign via MB members and supporters from Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, USA etc.

To Egyptian Bloggers, Tweeps and Facebook activists I bring the following to your attention and suggest the need for strategy, caution and intelligence.  If there is an orchestrated campaign via these social mediums against Egypt by countries outside of Egypt, then Egyptians also need to get wise to this and act pro-actively in defence of Egypt.  Do not be used as mindless tools against Egypt.  Remember if the foreign media is doing biased reporting it is only from you that the world is going to get the correct picture.  I suggest the following:

  • In your timelines when you find media reports – read them carefully.
  • If the media reporting is biased or inaccurate reply to the tweet or the facebook posting on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Challenge the report if that report allows comments – many do not.
  • Do not retweet that post.  If the media find the are not being retweeted, it hurts their ratings.
  • Do not indiscriminately RT stupid or inaccurate postings by others
  • Know the mindset of those you are RTing for, check their previous posts.  Look beyond the tweets and posts to the motives of the authors.
  • Gather videos that show the truth of what is happening and put it online.
  • Challenge biased, wrong and idiotic tweets – especially those from outside Egypt

I woke up this morning, switched on the TV and found Al Jazeera English reporting on events from Egypt over the last few hours.  It took me all of 3 minutes to perceive there was something wrong with the reporting.  Everyone interviewed was from the Muslim Brotherhood, not only on the street but on the phone and in studio – in studio, now wasn’t it handy that they had a body on hand IN THE STUDIO in DOHA…… so the storyline was that the Egyptian army had opened fire on pro-morsi peaceful protesters while they were praying – please, give me a break!  Of course the women and baby deaths (shot in the back) had to be repeated several times…. etc. etc. etc.

I switched over to twitter and very soon got the video MB gunmen attack on Militay HQ.  It shows a man with face covered walking among the protesters with a gun.  So, is it not quite possible that those shot in the back were shot from behind by men like this?  Purposefully put there, probably armed with the same bullets as the Egyptian Army to put the army in the frame for the murders?

So, me on my little old netpad came across this simply by search Egypt on Twitter but Al Jazeera with all their technology could not?  The Sky News reporter also reported that the Egyptian military reported civilians carrying arms among the protesters but they could not verify this.  Well, I sent them the video so let’s see if they report that particular statement from the army.

We all need to remember that Morsi became the 1st President to declare from a footbal stadium a couple of weeks ago as he sat silent amid calls for Jihad against anyone not belonging to or supporting him and MB.  We also need to remember the Pro-Morsi Wahhabis vow to fire bomb everyone opposed to them last week – it is the calls like these that are responsible for the events last night in Egypt.  It is the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood who are responsible for all deaths since Morsi’s inauguration on 30 June 2012.

We need to remember WHO are responsible for bringing women and children into the area where they intended to cause a sensational event last night – at the right time to hit US television coverage, like all of Morsi’s televised speeches.  The MB have no scruples about sacrificing even those who follow them in their attemp to grab power.  They refuse to acknowledge it was their greed for absolute power that has led to their downfall; their pursuit of power instead of a pursuit to keep the country going economically.  Many have been caught trying to leave Egypt, with lots of cash, leaving those they incited to violence to die.

We need to remember that pro-Morsi are not only pro-Morsi they are now openly carrying the Al-Qaeda flag

We need to remember that we have seen the Muslin Brotherhood pushing young Egyptians off a building and beating them with swords – WARNING this is graphic.  Notice the man with the beard and the Al-Qaeda flag

It should be noted that the Salafi Al Nour party has withdrawn from the coalition at the first sign of trouble.  So what?  They expected this to be easy?  This shows two things – firstly they are not genuinely committed to reconcilation as they hoped to be the power brokers between the Muslim Brotherhood and the anti-Morsi coalition groups, thereby holding the balance of power.  Secondly, if they jump ship at the first sign of trouble they don’t have the courage necessary to lead Egypt forward.  Their first move in the coalition was to damage the image publicly by rejecting El Baradei as interming Prime Minister.  For heaven’s sake the word to remember here is INTERIMRemember also they did not want to abandon the constitution they just wanted some articles amended.

Not only do we need to remember; we need to keep reminding the world media with these facts to balance the obviously unbalanced reporting that is going on.

Last night’s events in Egypt were well orchestrated events; with media ready to cover; specific Muslim Brotherhood people ready for interviewing; all to make the international community believe there is a huge support in Egypt for the terrorists and to discredit the Egyptian Army.  Whether or not this is part of a bigger worldwide conspiracy to destroy the Egyptian Army – the last remaining powerful and intact army in the Middle East. or not remains to be seen.  However these tweets appear to bear witness that the Republican Guard attack was planned by the MB.  Al Jazeera studio anchorman posed the question “does Egypt need international intervention?’  What is that all about?

Are there international governments planning to intervene in Egypt and for some reason intervene on behalf of the terrorists?  Surely nobody is genuinely buying the Muslim Brotherhood current orchestration without seeing through it?  If they are they are too stupid to govern their own countries.  What is the US representative doing by going and talking privately to the Muslim Brotherhood?  Do they really believe that if they put the MB back in power in Egypt that the time will not come when the MB will declare Jihad, holy war on those countries?  Time for Europeans and Americans to wake up and start to question their leaders on the question of Egypt.

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  1. Well said Mara. Like you I have spent many hours watching Al Jazeera (about all I have access to apart from BBC World) and the chatter on the social FB forums to which I belong. So much nonsense and palpable misinformation. Instant responses to the latest news …without engaging brain…almost laughable at times ’til you remember real people are dying. When I do respond to something it’s usually along the lines “Ask yourself…what sense does that make?…who really stands to gain from that?…” and leave the poster hopefully to re-examine whatever he or she has just posted. Sometimes it works…although there is so much rigidity in the thinking of both sides I despair at times. Keep up your blog…I often re-post it as a reposte to arrant nonsense elsewhere.!!