6.45 am this morning, 22 degrees celsius and I was woken up by a giant balloon passing before my eyes….what was it?  Just one of the early morning balloon flights coming into land on the next street……. – supposed to be over the West Bank not gliding past my window!  But who cares?  The longer I live here the less I know.  Nothing here is logical, rational or real.

I am so HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY to feel a cold breeze.  I think we have been having a heat wave the past 7 days or so and now it seems to have gone and Autumn arrived overnight.  The day temp will still be around 35 Celsius but that is bearable.  Time to turn off the air-cons and open the windows at night.

Seems like almost everyone in the street must have won the lottery…..every second house is building or renovating this week, including me.  I am re-tiling a bathroom – that too has it’s story.  It took 4 men 2 days to knock off the old tiles (tiling here is put on with about 10cm of concrete not tiling adhesive) and the dust was everywhere.  I am really lucky with my guests – anytime I have to do work here which could disturb my guests I seem to have the nicest people in the house who take it all with a pinch of salt.

Anyway, these guys were so into their work they didn’t even notice that not only were they taking off the tiles…..they were knocking down the wall!  I have a hole in the wall between the bathroom and the kitchen approx. 40cm x 40cm.  But I am thankful for small mercys…. thankful I walked into the kitchen and noticed the rubble on the floor and screamed “Stop! Stop! STOP!!!!” before they knocked the entire wall down!  There is definitely a book coming out of my time in Egypt….”Fawlty Towers Egyptian Style”

But now, I have to give credit where credit is due – other than that little mishap, they did a good job of taking down the tiles and my tiler is absolutely fantastic.  He went to lot of trouble to make my ‘less than straight’ walls look like they are perfect.and the bathroom looks so good that now I want to do all the bathrooms…..not realistic at this time of the year, I know but I will certainly be booking him for the work I am doing during the summer.  I found a beautiful floor ‘centrepiece’ I want to put in the reception…..

7.15am – time for guests’ breakfasts…gotta go…

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