It may seem obvious that if you want to sell something you should have an idea of whom you want to sell to ….  not really, many people just get the idea to simply ‘set up shop’ and hope that passers-by will visit them.  Especially in Egypt where a guy sees his neighbour doing good business with a shoe shop, so he opens a shoe shop next to him…..before you know it you have a road full of shoe shops.  You don’t believe me?  Take a visit to Talaat Haarb St. in Downtown Cairo or look at any market such as the Khan El Khalili in Cairo – all selling the same tat.  Enough on that for another day.

Ages ago I came across someone on the net (sorry I have forgotten who and where) who suggested that before going into business you should profile your ideal customer.  I didn’t do it – but today in Cairo I have some time to spare and the thought came back to me so here I am……

Who is my ideal guest I would like  attract to Mara House……?

My ideal guest at Mara House would have a good sense of humour because in Egypt anything can happen so ‘going with the flow’ would be an excellent quality to have also 🙂

My ideal guest would value quality service from genuine people as a priority.  Comfort and cleanliness would be recognised and appreciated automatically.  A taste for authentic, healthy, home-cooking, a willingness to relax and to be open to magical moments, experience synchronicity and a liking for Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings would mean we would get on wonderfully together 🙂

Any age is fine – but a desire to see beyond the obvious;  a desire for fulfilling encounters, enriching experiences and memorable events on the part of the guest would mean we could enjoy mutually enlightening journeys together so that would be fantastic.

Mmmmm given the above I suppose my ideal guests would be children open to believing in the reality of magic 🙂  Surprisingly enough I have had a recent flow of visitors fulfilling all the above criteria and we have had a great times together.  Having them stay with me has renewed my energy, given me new ideas and opened up other pathways for me that I have known existed but have not had the courage to explore.

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