We all have questions and we all have problems of one kind or another, so we seek answers.  Growing up I used to go to libraries and bookshops, run my eyes over the shelves and whisper “What is here for me today?”  Invariably I would come away with anything from 1 to 6 books I was instinctively drawn to, regardless of whether I thought I could afford them or not – I needed them on those particular days to fuel my personal search for answers to the questions “What is it all about? Why is my life the way it is? How can I make it better? Where am I going wrong, screwing it up etc. etc?”.

My personal quest is ongoing and has rewarded me with many answers, much personal growth and a degree of understand as to how the Universe works – but more importantly how it impacts me on a daily basis and how I can work with it instead of crossways to it!  With everything else good, helpful, healing and insightful that I find – I want to share what I know and discover with anyone who might be ready for the same information today. I have realised that no method, no medium seems to hold all the answers. Rather it is like a jig-saw – each modality, each therapy, each discovery holds a piece of the fragmented picture.

Enter my latest discovery – “Bio-geometry” – a science that deals with the energy of shape.  The energy radiating from the sun interacts with, bounces off and passes through stars, planets and whatever is floating in space as it makes it journey towards Earth.  Every planet and star system etc. the energy touches is changed to a degree during the interaction.  The energy is also changed – something is left with the object it touched and something is taken from the object it touched.  This also applies to the flow of energy as it passes through human beings.

We read our horoscopes in the daily papers without realising the truth that we are, to a degree, influenced by the planets through which the flowing energy of life passed on the day we were born and the impact of that energy on our yet unformed personalities etc.  It imprints us – so to speak.

From Dr. Ibrahim Karim, re-discoverer of BioGeometry “When two energy fields are in resonance, and exchange information, something happens after the resonance is over.  The two systems do not go back to their original state.  A sort of vibrational “impregnation” occurs, which means that part of the new information leaves an imprint on the energy system.  Systems then, are in constant evolution through resonance or interaction.”  Dr. Ibrahim Karim

With this new information, the sciences of Astrology,  Human Design, the Mayan birth charts and the insights into ourselves they provide make more sense.  They are not flights of fancy – the information they provide have scientific roots.

Actually, bio-geometry in itself is not a new science, but perhaps the applications of it as taught by Dr. Ibrahim have relevance for us today and merit our attention.  The ancient Egyptians knew all about the impact of shapes and spaces on us.  Since they were also well versed in the importance of Astronomy and Astrology we might assume they also knew about the impact of how energy flowed through and around space, rooms, buildings etc.  We know that from their knowledge and implementation of sacred geometry in the building of all their temples and structural designs.

So, what is the Energy we allude to as we vaguely wave our arms in the air that surrounds us?  We can’t see it, we can’t touch it (well, some can!).  It is as intangible as the air that surrounds us, it is part of the air that surrounds us but it also moves through us, leaving a little something behind and talking a little something with it!.

What if we could enhance the energy that flows around us and through us simply by living in harmonious shapes (rooms) – mostly we cannot control this aspect.  What if we could enhance this energy by guiding it’s flow around geometric shapes in our vicinity or by wearing certain geometric shapes (jewellery)? Dr. Ibrahim has invented such geometric shapes that you can hang in your houses and wear as jewellery.  He calls them “BioSignatures”.

I found Dr. Ibrahim’s work while researching the power symbols of ancient Egypt.  To discover he was using the geometric powers of the Djed in his work was verification that I should continue my search to recreate the Djed and other symbols, in the way the Ancients used them.  At the time I was ready to give up my search for a stone carver to work with me honestly.

To date I have succeeded in having several different sizes of the Djed, the Knot of Isis and the Djed/Ankh/Was carved in stone just like the ancient Egyptians did and fired for strength and durability – funny that, since the Djed itself stands for strength and stability.  I am not a scientist so cannot experiment in any other way with the symbols than recreating them exactly.  However, I can say that now they are hanging all over Mara House from the front door to the roof.

Have there been any changes?  Yes, too many to mention. I cannot quantify this scientifically.  It is enough for me to know that the universal, creative energy that creates worlds is flowing through and around the symbols hanging in Mara House.  Perhaps in another, ancient time I hung these symbols in a pharaonic house where Mara House now stands……who knows?

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