2010 Birell ad “Don’t try explaining anything to any woman…..they are all too stupid to understand…Drink Birrell non-alcoholic beer!” My arabic is not good enough to understand all the ads on tv here (Egypt) but this time I had someone with me who translated the ad I was watching…..I asked her 4 times (she’s Egyptian)if that was really what the ad said……

As a woman – a successful business woman at that – I am horrified, indignant..no, not indignant…..outraged is the word I am looking for that anyone or any company would have the nerve to say such a thing in public. Or maybe Birrell Company thinks that being outrageous is a good publicity stunt. Just goes to show they are the ones who don’t understand how utterly stupid their ad really is…..why? Because they are actually reflecting a prevailing sentiment here, which means very few people even notice it!

However, this ad is sexist and to have this on TV several times a day just strengthens the unconscious sentiment that already exists….SICK! Sexist, and leaves a bad taste, kind like vomit – just like Birrell Non-Alcoholic Beer! So in a sense the ad reflects the beer!!

Guess non of the guys at Birrell have mothers, sisters or wives….must be androids who dreamed up and approved the ad….I always knew there were aliens in Egypt but I thought they had all gone home (my apologies Aliens if this comparison hurts your feelings…..)

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