I have had a guest at Mara House in Luxor for 3 days…..he personally checked in 2 pieces of luggage at Cairo Airport with Egypt Air around 3pm on the 17th May.  A few hours later he arrived in Luxor …NO LUGGAGE!.  We have attempted for 3 days to trace his lost luggage.  After 2 days and two trips to the airport plus many calls to Cairo + personal visit to Cairo Airport on the 18th by one of our managers he finally got ONE bag……HALF HIS STUFF WAS MISSING!!!

Today on the 20th May after much fighting with Egypt Air managers on the phone we finally located his second bag still in Cairo Airport. He returned to Cairo Airport from Luxor tonight and has got his second bag…..HALF THE CONTENTS OF THE SECOND BAG IS MISSING.  Lost items included all connections etc.  for his laptop, his work etc.   No wonder they did not want to release the bags!!!!!  There is obviously a problem with security at Egypt Air in Cairo regarding checked-in luggage.  It was only a few hours between his bags being checked in and them going “missing”.  Therefore it has to be within the power of Egypt Air to find the thief (thieves) as only a certain amount of staff could have had access to the luggage storage during those hours.

If you do lose your luggage

  • Do not be gentle and accepting at the airport when you report it……you need to send out the message that you are going to be difficult about this.
  • Take the name and phone number of the person you can contact for updates.
  • Call all relevant airports every 4 hours or so.
  • Demand an update as to where in the world exactly the lost luggage is
  • If you have to go again to the airport to collect it – go through the bag in front of the officer and if anything is missing fill out the claim form there and then.
  • Paperwork is everything in Egypt and if someone has taken something from your bag you have a better chance of getting it back if you do the paperwork.


  1. Jamie Polich 01/04/2017 at 1:46 am

    Follow Mara;s advice when you book on what to do at the airport. We had no troubles when we stuck to this advice, in fact it became so much fun. The seeming chaos was something I personally revelled in. It was great. Smile. Be firm if you do lose luggage. If you do fly Egypt Air internally, it might help if you pay a bit extra to fly business class. Not too expensive but gets you off the plane first, into a separate bus and at the luggage carousel amongst the first. Again smile.

  2. Syed 15/06/2013 at 3:11 am

    Egypt Air disappointed us very much. My mother’s brand new ultra light RED wheelchair (7.8kgs) was lost by Egypt Air on one leg of our trip and her suitcase on the return leg of the trip to Luxor. I don’t think anyone is accountable in Egypt Air anymore since the revolution. Some staff are really nice while other just either don’t understand or just don’t care. In any case they couldn’t help trace and return the lost baggage. It has now gone to Insurance. It was an awful thing to happen, but Mara and Amr arranged the taxi to take us to the right place to buy clothes and other other articles. It would be a good idea to be on the safe side by putting your clothes in different suitcases so that if one is lost, at least you can have something to wear.

  3. Mara 16/05/2013 at 11:45 am

    It seems Egypt Air still has major ongoing problems with luggage safety! I have just had a lovely family from Canada staying with me. The eldest of the family has been missing her wheelchair (just imagine that on holidays!) and her suitcase with all her clothing toiletries etc since they left Jeddah 4 days ago. Today they left Luxor for Cairo still minus the wheelchair and missing luggage. Yesterday I called lost luggage dept. in Luxor Airport – they had no idea where the missing items were and Lost Luggage at Egypt Air in Cairo Airport were not answering their phones.