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Cairo is the most amazing city in the world.  If you stay for a month you still will not see or experience it in full – not even close!  However, most people coming to Cairo just want to see the highlights in a short time. 

The average stay is 3 days and this is why we offer a 3 night package, which includes 3 nights in 4 star Cairo hotel and 2 days touring.  No problem if you have more than 3 days to spend in Cairo and would like us to extend your tour.  We are happy to add on extra days.  Just to go to our Tours in Cairo page for the full list of our day tours there

Basic 3 night Cairo Holidays Package

Accommodation 3 nights in Cairo Hotel and two days tours

Our choice of hotels are:

2 full days’ tours which include the guide, car/driver and entry tickets


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  1. I chose Mara House because of her helpful and informative blog. I found Mara herself to be equally helpful and informative at all stages of my travel planning. She knows Egypt well and was invaluable at helping us to prioritise what we could do during our short stay.

    For us, the highlight of the trip was Cairo. Mara's guide Suzy was excellent–knowledgeable, friendly, and overall a complete delight. She helped us negotiate our camel ride at Giza and buy things at the grocery store without getting ripped off, and she directed us to restaurants with prices printed on the menus so we didn't have to negotiate the price of dinner. She made visiting Cairo completely hassle-free, which was just wonderful for us.

    We also enjoyed staying at Hotel Steigenberger in Cairo, which booked through Mara. She was able to match the price of but threw in free breakfast for the 5 of us (and the breakfast was excellent!).

    In Luxor itself, we had a nice stay too. Mara House is a B&B off the beaten path. Our room was very spacious–more room than we needed for our family of 5, which was a surprise and delight. Amr was friendly and hospitable and a great home cook. We were surprised to have our sleep disturbed at dawn by the call to prayer, but in retrospect we shouldn't have been–that's just life in an Islamic country! I think we would have preferred to stay closer to downtown Luxor, but again, in the context of a comprehensive travel solution that included a chauffeur for anywhere we wanted to go, it was not a deal-breaker.

    Mohamed, our guide in Luxor, was also very knowledgeable and personable, and did his job as a tour guide well. However, I found him less assertive than Suzy at protecting us from the hassle of street vendors and unwanted "helpers" at various points along the way (especially on the Valley of Kings tour). I think Mohamed is empathetically looking out for the livelihoods of the people whose economic circumstances are regrettably not great by not denying them opportunities to earn tips–and I understand and even respect that (even though it feels a bit like emotional extortion to have to tip for a service that was neither desired nor useful). But I was a bit disappointed at the level of hassle for me while touring Luxor, especially after a perfect trip to Cairo with Suzy.

    But all in all, I would recommend Mara House as a travel agency as well as a B&B. We had a great trip and the level of hassle was lower than it would have been without the presence of our guides and drivers in both destinations. And I very much appreciated Mara's help as a travel planner–she saved me from several potential pitfalls and guided me towards a vacation we will always remember

    Traveled as family of 5 Feb 2022. Reviewed on Tripadvisor April 2022

    Booked 3 nights in Luxor and 3 nights in Cairo with tours

  2. Words cannot describe how awesome Mara is. I am a seasoned solo traveler and never hired a guided tour, it’s not my thing. Until I found Mara.

    I carefully plan my trips and I have never had major issues, but when I started researching the Egypt leg of my Middle East and Africa trip, I realized I may need to cave in and go on some sort of tour. Some sort… I didn’t want to go on these inflexible tours that did not leave me any time to wander by myself.

    I started asking around, a friend of mine recommended me a tour guide that she said was “fantastic”. I asked him for quotes, he was promising me a great hotel but doing further research I was told that the hotel was in an area not up to North American standards (this is not exactly what the Egyptian person I consulted said but let’s leave it at that). In addition every service you think you are entitled to, as spelled out in your country’s Constitution or the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in my case, is extra and this includes the use of toilet paper.

    I then decided to ditch the guided tour and do it by myself, that is when I came across Mara’s web page. Her blogs helped me realize that I really needed help if I didn’t want to end up getting into a brawl over money in a foreign country. Her level of detail is second to none, for instance, when I got to the Cairo hotel, a suitcase lock and a box of antibiotics for gut bacteria were waiting for me. Her guides are deeply knowledgeable, respectful people and you are treated like a human being, not like cattle going in and out of a bus. Mara was extremely flexible with the schedule of tours, activities, time off to myself, arrival and departure times, etc… so many things to mention! Her house in Luxor is so beautiful and Amr’s cooking so incredible that I regret not having eaten enough, it was ridiculously hot in July after all. One day I will go back just for the cooking.

    I could probably go on and on about Mara but at this point I am probably losing you, so I am getting to the deal maker for me. Mara’s service includes EVERYTHING, except for tips, and this should not come as a surprise if you read her blog about tips, which regretfully I did not, and it is on me. She goes above and beyond by paying extra to her tour guides so they do not make you waste an afternoon shopping at a bazaar in exchange for commissions, something that every tour guide does and would have bothered me. You can go to the bazaar by yourself if you want to, Mara’s tours leave a fair bit of time for you to do as you please if that is your preference. Don’t get me wrong, it is not the cheapest way to go but definitely the most money-wise one.

    Sorry folks, getting to the end now. If you truly want to live the Egyptian experience within North American standards, Mara is your person. Her house is located in a Luxor neighbourhood, not in the five star hotels strip, and that is what I loved about it. The house has all the comforts: very spacious suites, comfortable beds, A/C, extremely clean and beautifully decorated. The cooking is sublime, I still dream about the food I could not eat because it was 46 degrees in the shade.

    One last observation: if you suffer the hot weather avoid Egypt in July – August at all costs, unless you want to have the temples and tour guides all to yourself. Sometimes tolerating a bit of heat has its rewards.

    Best of luck on your trip to Egypt and I hope you have as much of a blast as I did! If you don’t, there is an “I told you so” with your name on it. 🙂

    Traveled solo July2019. Reviewed on TripAdvisor June 2020. Booked Luxor 3 Nights Package plus Cairo 3 Nights Package.

  3. If you are interested in more than the usual tour offerings to Egypt, do not look past Mara. She organises excellent tours out of Cairo as well as Luxor where Mara House is located. We did the Gayer Anderson House and Medieval Cairo walking tour. It wasn’t easy to find a tour that visited the former, and our guide Ahmed brought the stories of this amazing house to life. If you have an interest in Islamic architecture and art this gem of a house museum is truly a ‘must see’. All our guides organised through Mara were knowledgeable, with added inclusions built in such as the Solar Boat at Giza and Mummy room at the Egyptian Museum. Her tours might not be the cheapest but we found them to be excellent value for the standard of guiding provided.

    Booking directly with Mara was easy, all replies were prompt and I found her blog to be an excellent resource for planning our first trip to Egypt. Mara House itself is in a residential part of Luxor but getting into town was easily arranged with taxis. Yes, the road outside is unpaved, yes it is in a local street with all the colour and noise that goes with it (bring ear plugs for the morning call to prayer) – however the welcome from Amr and the team is warm and genuine. Our room was large and spotlessly clean. The roof top garden would be a pleasant in the winter sun although we did not have time to use it.

    If you are an independently minded traveller, looking for something outside of the usual tour offerings, I would not hesitate in recommending Mara and her capable team. We were very well looked after for our first trip to this amazing country.

    Reviewed on TripAdvisor 22 Feb 2020 Cairo Holidays 3 Nights and Luxor Holidays 3 Nights packages

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