male guide giving information in Cairo Museum of Antiquities


Antiquities Museum: an Aladdin’s Cave of Priceless Treasures

Mara – inviting you to join her at the Antiquities Museum in Tahrir Sq., Cairo

The Egyptian Antiquities Museum at Tahrir Square unfolds the remarkable history of Egypt, boasting the incredible treasures of Tutankhamun and a myriad of artifacts.  The Antiquities Museum is not to be confused with the relatively new National Museum of Civilization which is a different museum entirely.

Discover the secrets of Egypt’s past, and if you have a favorite historical figure, do some research to find their artifacts – your guide might even help you locate them at the end of the tour.  I’ve visited the museum many times, and I’ve learned that the most satisfaction comes from connecting with the articles tied to figures I already know about.   For example, after reading ‘Stranger in the Valley of the Kings,’ accidentally finding a full display from Yuya and Thuya’s tomb was an absolute delight.

On the other hand, one day while on my own in the museum I wasted a lot of time searching for crowns of the pharaohs – I found one crown and it was pretty ordinary.  Had I been with a guide I could have asked him if there were any crowns and saved myself some time.  Another day I was pretty confident I could find my own way and, again, wasted quite a bit of time and leg energy going around in circles, up and down the stairs, looking for the artifacts taken from Abydos and Dendera Temples, my favorites.  There is quite a lot of them there, but again with a guide I would have found them sooner and had more time to study them.  Ancient Egyptian jewelry is another interest of mine which I also wasted time in the museum trying to find.  There is such LOT of stuff there!

The Cairo Museum of Antiquities at Tahrir Square has so much exhibits that a history enthusiast could actually spend two days there.  The problem is that after about 4 hours most people’s minds can’t take in any more and become exhausted even with a guide.

There used to be a book you could buy in the museum that listed the exhibits and where to find them.  Sadly, the events of 2011 put an end to that.  It is to be hoped the Grand Egyptian Museum at Giza will be something to look forward to, but we have no firm opening date for that so far.

Mara House Tours “Cairo Museum Tour” includes:

  • Pick up at your hotel
  • Egyptologist Guide
  • Entry Ticket to the Museum itself
  • Entry Ticket to the Mummys Room
  • Entry Ticket to Tutankhamun’s Treasure Room
  • Subject to Availability

If you would like our guided tour of the Antiquities Museum at Tahrir Sq please message me – it is possible to tour Giza Plateau in the morning and then do the Antiquities Museum after lunch.  I recommend stopping at Pizza Hut, at 1 Mohamed Mahmoud St, which is just off Tahrir Sq for lunch because it the service fast, the food is edible and it saves time.