male guide giving information in Cairo Museum of Antiquities
Egypt Antiquities Museum at Tahrir Square
Antiquities Museum at Tahrir Square – Mara House Luxor combines the museum with a tour to Giza plateau in one day – no shopping!

The Cairo Museum of Antiquities at Tahrir Square has so much exhibits that a history enthusiast could actually spend two days there.  The problem is that after about 4 hours most people’s minds can’t take in any more and become exhausted.

There used to be a book you could buy in the museum that listed the exhibits and where to find them.  Sadly, the events of 2011 put an end to that.  It is to be hoped the Grand Egyptian Museum at Giza will be something to look forward to.

At the moment, if I were to go around the museum without a guide I would quickly get disorientated and find myself going back over sections already visited.  That is frustrating and time wasting.   You really do need a guide like our own Mohamed, who knows the museum and is interested in his work to show you around.

male guide giving information in Cairo Museum of Antiquities
Mohamed from Mara House Tours explaining the exhibits in the Antiquities Museum, Cairo

Mara House Tours “Cairo Museum Tour” includes:

  • Pick up at your hotel
  • Egyptologist Guide
  • Entry Ticket to the Museum itself
  • Entry Ticket to the Mummys Room
  • Entry Ticket to Tutankhamun’s Treasure Room
  • Subject to Availability

Tipping for guide and driver is not incl. in price but is expected.  For more info on the culture of tipping in Egypt and how much to tip please check out my post Tipping in Egypt

If you want to maximise your time in Cairo then Mara House Tours offers a full day tour which takes in

  • Giza Plateau, Great Pyramid, Solar Boat, Sphinx enclosure, Valley Temple in the morning and
  • Cairo Museum of Antiquities in the afternoon.


My tours in Cairo are designed to give you the maximum enjoyment with the minimum effort and hassle.  They include ALL the entry fees to everything on the sites, great guide and air-conditioned transport.
We will not surprise you with ‘optional extras’ at any site.

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