If you have an apt. with a street view (especially near an intersection) in Cairo – you don’t need a TV if you are into suspense thrillers.  What happens when you have an intersection and just for a split moment there are no cars in the intersection?

Well, in Cairo drivers seem to believe they both have the right of way……..saw an example of it just now from my third floor balcony….two streams of traffic cutting across each other at about 20km per hour (if not more, I am just guessing).  SOMEBODY was definitely watching over both cars!  One car was just a split second faster, I think , than the other one.  What happened was a red car shot straight across the intersection tearing it’s side against the front bumper of a white car!

Both drivers slammed on the brakes and got out to inspect the damage.  I could not believe my eyes….the front bumper (guess that’s why it’s called a “bumper”!)of the white car didn’t appear to be even scratched.  From my balcony I could not see the side of the red car but I am guess from the tearing sound I heard that it has a nasty scratch along the passenger door side from the sharp edge of the white car’s driving licence plate.

Another interesting point to note, which I have previously notice in Egypt…….though there were about 15 security police on the spot at various buildings by the intersection ……NOT ONE OF THEM MOVED from their posts!  Guess it must be part of their training not to be distracted from the job in hand…….guess that is a good thing.  No smart comments welcomed on this point please!

Exciting times in the Middle East no matter what your vantage point!

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