The revival of the tourist industry in Egypt is the fastest and least painful way (much less painful in the long run than borrowing money from the IMF) to get the Egyptian Economy back on it’s feet.  It is adventurous people like Caye Poe and John Francis of Dayton who will hasten the return of the tourists to Egypt…..full story hereThe Egyptian government and foreign governments may endorse Egypt as a travel destination but it is stories from the likes of Caye and John who take the chance of being among the first to return that will turn the tide in Egypt’s favour once again.  The Egyptian bloggers, the Tweeters from Egypt, the Facebook pages with their millions of followers worldwide – the social media that has been hailed as the movers and shakers of the Egyptian Revolution are the people who can now encourage the tourists to flock to Egypt from all over the world once again.We cannot sit back, rely on the government and hope that a recovery will happen – we must all get pro-active and find our individual means of communicating with the outside world that Egypt is once again a safe country, that a warm welcome awaits and that now is the best time ever to come to Egypt.  The biggest gripe that tourists used to have was having to see the Temples and Tombs in the midst of thousands of other tourists.  Every tourist’s wish is to be able to see these ancient monuments alone – NOW THEY HAVE THE BEST CHANCE.

Let’s all do our best to spread the word.  Bloggers and Twitters – put it on your To-Do-List
1.  Blog or Tweet at least twice a week on the delights awaiting tourists returning to Egypt now!
2. Tweet and ask for RTs at least twice a week on the subject of tourism in Egypt.
3. Find interesting stories to tell – ask visitors whom you know and meet that are here now to tell the stories of their holidays online and in their local newspapers etc. when they get back home.

We can get tourist to return to Egypt faster than anyone else!
We can get the economy back on tract faster than anyone else!
We can help Egypt avoid getting over it’s head in foreign debt!

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