My Life in Egypt

  • Kudos to Egypt Air

    Kudos to Egypt Air

    I believe in giving credit where credit is due so here I am giving Kudos (praise for exceptional achievement) to the Manager of the check-in area at Luxor Airport and special thanks to the other lovely, helpful people that came […]

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  • Mara’s Tech Doc!!

    I’m pretty good with computers, technology etc. and have spent hours upon (sometimes frustrated) hours fixing computer and internet problems…until one day I met a great guy called Ehab Edward.  I call him the ‘Tech Doc’ and never again will […]

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  • Behind the Scenes – Luxor is Dying

    2014 – In the streets behind and away from the East Bank of Egypt’s famous Nile River and the strip where the 5 star hotels are located – Luxor is dying.  It is no wonder that people speak nostalgically about […]

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  • Hunger Strike at Luxor Winter Palace!

    Hunger Strike at Luxor Winter Palace!

    LATEST NEWS: 1.  Following allegations that ALL striking staff members at the Winter Palace Hotel in Luxor are part of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood – 10 employees were taken away by Police for questioning yesterday…..unique way to deal with striking […]

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  • Winter Palace Luxor Workers on Strike!

    Winter Palace Luxor Workers on Strike!

    When speaking of Egypt’s 2011 Revolution and the Arab Spring many like to say that Egypt revolted for bread, dignity and social justice.  But which Egypt revolted?  And against whom did Egypt revolt?  Let’s play along with what may appear […]

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  • Dancing at Egypt’s Polling Stations!!

    This has got to be my favourite video!!  Woman dances for joy after voting in Egypt’s Constitutional Referendum – just look at all the happy faces 🙂

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  • What Now? What Not?

    Seems like today is moving day, get-up-and-go-day….but get up and go where?  Ireland – kids back to school today, that seems to be the indication that Christmas has passed, New Year is no longer new and the question is what […]

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  • Where is the Sense in it all?

    When you wonder if God is playing with you…. 1.  You’re watching Nile TV – the Breakfast Show and you know that Deena Younis has just made a new film in Luxor about the tourist situation etc.  and it is […]

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