Be careful what you ask for – you just might get it!  Or to put it another way….be as specific as you can about what you want – for you will surely get it then!  A few weeks ago I put it out to the Universe (God if you prefer that term) that I was open to a new adventure, at the time I was thinking that my new adventure might be back in Ireland if a buyer appeared for Mara House.  Well, I got my new adventure alright and you see, because I didn’t specify what kind of an adventure I wanted – I find myself in the middle of a Revolution!  What a to-do and, more importantly……what to do?

After 18 days of sitting on by back-side (quite literally) I can’t take it anymore!!!  Help!  Never having been a person to sit around I have been asking the question – “What am I to do now”  I must get up and DO something, ANYTHING!  Help!  Stephen says “Relax and write your book!”  Well, done some of that, but hours of sitting with the netpad on my knees is getting to my knees and my back!

So, having asked for some inspiration from the All That Is, and after an exchange of e-mails today, with a few different guests – who had to cancel bookings due to flight cancellations and are now trying to find other flights to bring them to Egypt, – I have had an idea!

The IDEA!!

For anyone wanting to re-schedule their trip to Egypt and staying at Mara House in Luxor or in our apts in Cairo I am going to offer a free security service!

What do I mean by that?  Well, between myself, my staff and any other relevant business associates I will organise it so my guests are never alone (except of course when they want to be!) from the time they arrive in Egypt to the time they leave.  Whether they are staying in our beautiful apartments in Cairo or in Mara House in Luxor.  A completely free personal security service for guests at Mara House and at our apts. in Cairo for the months of Feb, March and April 2011.

This is not such a big departure from what we were already doing at Mara House anyway.  More and more guests staying at Mara House have been doing their sightseeing, dining etc. by following my suggestions and have been pretty much using the same taxi drivers whom I use all the time to ferry them around.  Now we will do the same in Cairo for anyone who feels happier and more secure knowing they have someone with them all the time.

So, don’t be afraid to come to Egypt With Mara – we will do everything possible to look after you and keep you safe (I know we cannot guarantee this – this cannot be guaranteed by anyone anywhere!). But we will do our very best – from the moment you land in Egypt to the moment you leave.  A free personal security detail  everywhere you go….get in touch with me now .  The planes are flying, the ancient monuments are empty and waiting for you – this is the very best time to come to Egypt!

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