Should I Eat Fruit and Salads in Egypt?

Fruit & Salads: I have never been sick from salads or fruit eaten on cruise ships or in hotels in Egypt.  In Luxor we have a wonderful new outdoor fruit and veg souk (market) not far from Mara House – Coming from Station St. go through the underpass in the train station, up into the street behind, this is Salakhana St.  Directly across the road is a big bus station, to the left is a small mosque and next to the mosque is the fruit & veg market.

On Tuesday mornings it spills over on the main road because that is the morning the farmers bring in their sheep, chickens, freshly picked fruit and veg, plus the women bring their freshly-baked bread etc.  This market is a tourist attraction in itself!  If you have the chance to buy fresh, perfect fruit while in Luxor or anywhere else in Egypt then do so and enjoy it – wash it well in your hotel room and if you feel safer you can peel it.

Many people tell me they have been advised to bypass the salads by well meaning friends etc. because they are afraid it is washed in tap water.  The tap water in Luxor has a strong metallic taste but it is treated same as the water at home.  However, some people can get a tummy ache because they have sensitive tummy and are not used to the different mineral composition used to purify the Egyptian tap water – for this reason I advise drinking bottled water while in Egypt.  Baraka is one bottled water in Egypt which has a higher content of magnesium than other brands and this may not agree with some people.

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