The number of people still asking is it safe to go to Egypt?”  is staggering.  I do understand why the question is being asked and am always glad of the opportunity to respond.  I want to explain the last 5 years in Egypt as seen through my eyes.  I have lived here since 2003.  I am not looking back with a clouded mind – I blogged through the highlights of those years.

In 2011 there was a so-called ‘revolution’ in Egypt – more or less confined to one square in Cairo – Tahrir Square.  Now, for one moment imagine Trafalgar Square in London or a quarter of Central Park in New York being filled with people demanding that the Queen of England or the President of the United States step down – would international media scream that there was a revolution taking place?

So, one square in Egypt was filled and the President of Egypt stepped down.  Few were killed.

Victory for the youth of Egypt was proclaimed.

Did the ‘youth’ who were supposed to be the masterminds behind these events have a plan?  Since they were not the actual masterminds, but merely the pawns in the game, the answer is ‘No, nobody had a clue, an idea, much less an actual plan as to what to do next’.   It soon became obvious that Egypt was going nowhere good any time soon, on it’s present course.

The army had stepped in and allowed the situation to follow it’s natural course as peacefully as possible.   Elections took place, a new President was elected and it was proclaimed that democracy had been achieved in Egypt. 

It was not a democracy.  It was a rise to power of the Muslim Brotherhood – which can be looked at with hindsight and possibly recognised as a good thing because over the next year true colours were revealed. 

Egypt was brought to the brink of economic and social disaster.

Egyptians were abducted, terrorised, tortured, killed and disappeared.

In 2013, General Sisi asked the Egyptian people to vote with their feet.  If they wanted the army to take the country back from the control of the Muslim Brotherhood they should go to the streets to show it.  They voted with their feet twice.

The defining date was 30 June 2013

Every square and street in Egypt was filled – international media reported that the aerial films taken were photoshopped.

My recordings from Luxor were neither imagined nor photoshopped. 

The army removed Morsi – hundreds were killed on both sides in two areas of Cairo as the Muslim Brotherhood struggled to retain control of the country.  Sisi and the army were vilified in Western media.  The world was told an army coup had taken place in Egypt.  Sisi told the world Egypt was fighting international terrorism in Egypt and in particular in the Sinai where it had been harboured and grown throughout the previous year.  He warned Western governments that borders would not contain the terrorism.  He was ignored.  The Egyptians voted him in as their President.

That brings us up to date.   

2016 the same elements in the international media continue their efforts to discredit President Sisi and his government at every possible turn.  Their most effective tactic is to keep the tourists out and deprive Egypt of it’s greatest source of income.  They work for an economic collapse that will turn the Egyptians against President Sisi.

Who controls those media elements?  Who knows?  Who cares?  Does it really matter now?  More and more people are seeing through the charade – that is why more and more are asking me to confirm their intuition that it is safe to go to Egypt as it is to go anywhere.

Is Egypt safe for tourists?

You don’t need to ask me.  Do some real research yourself on one question:

  • “How many people have died in Egypt as a result of crime or terrorism in the last 3 years and how many people have died in my own country as a result of crime or terrorism in the last 3 years?”

Now compare those figures  – draw your own conclusion as to whether Egypt is safe or not. 

The truth is we will all die one day – the question is “am I to live in fear inspired by the international news reports – or will I switch off the TV, clear my mind, follow my instincts and enjoy life?”