Synchronicity is when several events happen at the same time and create an optimum time for something to happen.  I’ve been experiencing some synchronicity these days.  Not everyone reading this will understand the implications – only those with open hearts and minds willing to let in the Light of Knowledge that passeth all understanding.

1.  First of all these lines stood out when reading the Emerald Tablets of Thoth – ancient God of Wisdom and Keeper of the Records.

“Aye, in the land thou callest Khem, (Khem old name for Egypt)”
races shall rise and races shall fall.”

“Aye, then shall the Dark Brothers
open the warfare between Light and the night.”

“Then shall come forth the Sons of the Morning
and give their edict to the children of men, saying:
O men, cease from thy striving against thy brother.
Only thus can ye come to the Light.
Cease from thy unbelief, O my brother,
and follow the path and know ye are right.”

“Then shall men cease from their striving,
brother against brother and father against son.
Then shall the ancient home of my people rise
from its place beneath the dark ocean waves. (Thoth was from Atlantis)
Then shall the Age of Light be unfolded
with all men seeking the Light of the goal.
Then shall the Brothers of Light rule the people.
Banished shall be the darkness of night.”

2. A friend sent me this modern day prophesy about 28th June 2013

  • WE have entered into the Zero point field of the Apocalyptic Force, today 6-28-13. The trinity years of the apocalypse are 2012-2013-2014. June 28th is the gateway to the Greater reality.  Now we stand at the point between the potential of absolute destruction and chaos and the Grace of the emerging reality.  This is a personal as well as an archetypal experience.  Each of the beings on the planet who have chosen the way of the heart, faith and the journey of oneness are part of the emerging energies and are catalyst for the collective.  The power of this is beyond comprehension, it is the power of the “Faith of the Mustard Seed”.
  • The Zero point of the Apocalypse means that the Anti-Christ has risen and has had to look into the eyes of love.  Deep within the soul of humanity this truth echoes with promise for resolution of duality.  The journey now is into the light of the soul, not into the darkness of the soul of humanity.  The next year and a half will be very challenging, disruptive and disturbing on many levels.  It will appear certain that the New World Orders plan for rule of the world is implemented, but it is not. Within the strong hold of the dark agenda the Light will begin to burst forth moving the history of the world from certain destruction to reverence for life.” 

I went for a sleep yesterday in the middle of the day, not something I normally do and woke up with the following thoughts going round in my head which seemed very relevant to the two prophesies.

I have never heard President Morsi (apart from one question on the Amanpour show to do with women) or ANY Muslim Brotherhood speaker answer a direct question.  If my imagination were to run wild I would say they were under some kind of magic spell which commands them to utter words, forbids them to reveal the truth, endeavour to look like they are answering in some educated fashion, and under no circumstances answer questions ……. kinda of forked tongue syndrome kinda thingy……

Muslim Brotherhood appear to have a set of answers ready to certain obvious questions – like they are all connected to a single brain or single computer – science fiction imagination running wild now…. cos they all give the same standard answers almost word for word – watch for it.

Muslim Brotherhood seem to be divided into two groups – leaders and followers.  The leaders speak – all kinds of illogical rubbish and the followers swallow it all like medicine.  Are they doping them all?  Something in the free food and water they give them?

For example, Al Jazeera have been showing the same piece on Cairo for the last 2 days.  One guy interviewed said “they (opposition) are out to destroy Islam.  That’s illogical because 95% of the opposition follow the faith of Islam.

Second guy interviewed says something like “if President Morsi goes Egypt will not have another president for hundreds of years!”  What the hell is that?

So, on the streets of Egypt these few days we have two types of Egyptians – the Muslim Brotherhood as described above being one group.

The second group is made up of ordinary muslim people; – male and female muslims with functioning brains, ears and mouths; Coptic Christians; a miscellany of other minority faiths; representatives of Al-Azhar and the Coptic Church; foreigners who live here – like me; every political and secular party in Egypt (apart from the MB described earlier and the muslim Salafists who are against Morsi but will not go to the streets); the entire Judiciary; people from every trade, career and strata from rich to poor; in short the whole of Egypt combines the second group and they are giving the red card to the Muslim Brotherhood.

What I, as a foreigner am unable to understand in all of this is – the entire Western World has been waging a war on terrorism since 9/11 and in waging this war has been pointing to Africa and the Middle East as the home and nesting places of these terrorists they are fighting.

NOW an entire nation of ordinary citizens in the country called the “Cradle of Civilization” is pouring onto the streets to do battle with these very terrorists – there is silence from the sleeping Western World.  Not only is there silence – the land of the free; the home of the brave; the champion of democracy; the holy United States of America; is BACKING these Terrorists.  Their Ambassador is running around like a headless chicken telling the Egyptian people that her mighty country will not welcome the Egyptian Army’s intervention in this struggle.

But, you know what – that’s ok with me because I believe in prophesies and I just love this one “Within the strong hold of the dark agenda the Light will begin to burst forth moving the history of the world from certain destruction to reverence for life.”  

For I see that it is from EGYPT on 30th June, all by itself, the light will begin to burst forth.  Once more Egypt will be the shining light for the world.

Egypt will rid itself of the Dark Brotherhood and the shadow it has cast over the land.

Egypt will rise to a new day spiritually, economically, mentally, socially, democratically.

Egypt will show the world that when a country’s people stand united in a common cause nothing, nothing, not all the powers of this world or the powers of darkness can stand against them.

Oh, by the way – this is our sleepy little town of Luxor, the town which took it’s first major stand last week against the appointment of a governor from a former terrorist organisation.  Like those in Tahrir Sq. they began their stand for freedom last night.

Luxor view of President Morsi
Luxor view of President Morsi
Protestors at Luxor Governorate - sign says "LEAVE!"
Protestors at Luxor Governorate – sign says “LEAVE!”

I need to say here also that I was one of those who thought Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood might, might be able to guide Egypt through it’s transition – my writing now and my opinion now is because 365 days of neglect, dictatorship and economic hardship has come to a head.  I can only agree with the opinions, views and wishes of the Egyptian people tonight.


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  1. Mara,
    You go girl!! You are always so optimistic and hopeful beneath your expressions of discontent and always are trying to make order and reconstruction out of chaos; I think of you like a pilgrim or gardener who is trying to grow roots and nourish her plot and encourage neighboring multi species plants; always fertilizing and amending her soil and trying new ways to make her community fulfilling and blossoming…. The prophecies are amazing and beautifully interpreted; you have an essence of hope and insight which is rare and under appreciated. Egypt needs someone like you to enlighten the western world as well as help unite the locals to stand as one to get thru this transition. I don’t know where your drive and inspiration comes from(perhaps a divine force wafting up from one of the temples) but it is charismatic and heartening, ride on Valkerie!!!