For the last two days I was not able to write a post even though I started four different posts which I will finish and post at some stage.  My mind was all over the place – there was so much happening all over the country my mind simply could not take it in.   To be honest while I was following it all via TV and Twitter it was moving too fast to concentrate on any one aspect.  My heart was heavy and my depression was bad – depression mixed with frustration because now I am acutely attuned to both the obvious lack of some aspects reported by the media and the slight twisting of words which can change the concept of events in the mind of the audience.  All I could do was debate with people and spread the truth via FB and Twitter.  Really, if you want instant news from the ground you should get on Twitter – if you want to follow me there I am @maraegypt and if you search the “Egypt” word you will get unending news – ask me if you need help 🙂

I will try to do some short posts on different news aspects here in time order now.

LUXOR:  On Wednesday 14th there was a muslim brotherhood rally at the Abu l’Hagag mosque in front of Luxor Temple.  Clashes broke out between them and the local people.  Soon the Santa Clause shop, a neighbouring materials shop and the Horus Hotel were abaze.  The owner of the materials shop had a heart attack and died at the scene.   Tensions ran high and a large supermarket in front of the Train Station was ransacked and looted in retaliation for the burnings in front of the Temple – they said this supermarket was owned by a brotherhood member.  Security forces and fire trucks arrived and many of the brotherhood were arrested.  Police secured the streets in the center of the town and the residents and shop owners commenced the clean up.

LUXOR: On 15th I drove around Luxor from Karnak to Awameya, via TV street and back to the Souk.  I made a boring video the trip just to show you that we are not having a civil war here in Luxor or even Egypt.  We are not in chaos as the media suggests.  Nor are we in need of any outside Government intervention.  In the same way that we say “one swallow does not make a summer”  meaning that just because we see one swallow in the air – it does not mean summer is here;  well one or two or even 3 or 4 events of civil unrest or violence in Egypt does not mean we have a civil war as your governments might have you believe.  We have a national security situation and a State of Emergency.  You have to question why European governments and some people in the US want you to believe Egypt needs outside intervention – it would give them an excuse for what?  Perhaps to take over the Suez Canal?  Think about it and ask why the world is being lied to about Egypt – you might as well check out the stories on Syria also.  Maybe even try to compare the Western media reporting versus the Russian or Chinese media versions…..I would but as you see I have my hands full trying to keep up here 🙂

LUXOR: On 16th the  Muslim Brotherhood gathered in a mostly Christian area in Luxor but  nothing happened due to the presence of security forces.  In the town center,  many shops and the Souk were closed but their owners were on guard since the attack.  Day passed peacefully

LUXOR: On 17th Peaceful day in Luxor – Locals hung out a sign in the Salah Al Din Sq where the brotherhood had held previous march gathering points ( a major intersection).  The sign reads “No entry to Brotherhood, No to Terrorism” This picture was taken by Luxor Times and posted on their Facebook page.

"No Entry to Brotherhood, No to Terrorism"
“No Entry to Brotherhood, No to Terrorism”

Due to the media bias against the Egyptian Government & Army in favour of the Muslim Brotherhood – associated with international terrorist organisation Al Qaeda I ask you to share this information with your family, friends etc. and where you hear the lies please counteract them.  Contact your media about their reporting if you can.  European governments are getting ready to move against Egypt via withholding aid, threats, verbal blaming etc for what is happening.  Christians and Muslims are standing side by side with the Egyptian Government and Egypt’s Army against terrorism.  It is vital Egypt succeeds in this battle – not just for Egypt but for your countries also.  This week you will see them rally all over Europe and across the USA.  This is to show their power, intimidate you and your governments.  Many in these marches will have been mislead as to what is happening.  If you can even inform one person of the truth then you will have done well 🙂

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  1. Thank you Mara for continuing your dedication to spreading the truth as much as possible to as many people as possible. Folks I just left Luxor was there during all the days that Mara reported on above. Yes there was the incidents on Wed Aug 14 but Luxor is very safe and a peaceful town. You can walk around town, the Souk is full of beautiful things and wonderful and friendly shop owners really needing tourists to return. Mara’s House is a wonderful haven to soak in the atmosphere of the place and then come back and relax. She’s a wonderful hostess and full of information about Luxor and all the interesting places it has.
    What’s happening in Egypt is sad but even more frustrating and infuriating is how many from the outside media and my very own gov’t are not truly understanding or refusing to understand that Egypt is fighting a domestic terrorist organization that is highly organized and very well funded. All the Egyptian people ask is to report the truth, be objective in your interviews, articles, write ups, videos, etc. Talk to the people on the ground from both sides, investigate who these people are, who’s funding them, what’s their agenda. This is what they ask. Simply to be heard and to report both sides of the story not just one.
    I can’t thank enough everyone that was so kind and helpful to me while I was in Luxor. Help them by spreading the truth of what’s happening in Egypt today.

  2. It is so hard to fight the tsunami of pro-MB media bias in the mainstream media, and often really hard to know what’s happening. There are so many parties at work here. I’ve been disappointed with the Obama Administration’s tepid response to Egypt, although I am glad they haven’t pulled their aid. I think they tacitly support Morsi’s removal, but seem to be playing this middle ground game that doesn’t actually assert themselves either way. I don’t support the violence happening on the ground, but it’s hard to make clear who is instigating what without eyes on the ground. Your blog posts help to make some of that clear. Morsi’s not coming back, and I don’t understand why MB’s vehemency restricts them from coming to the table and being a part of the new government now, instead of acting like children not getting their either-or way. What is the goal: permanent dissolution of the MB, or more limited inclusion into the new government? I don’t know if Egypt’s prosperity and peace needs to come from their total exclusion or not. Thanks for the post, Mara, and keep doing the good work.