I will continue tomorrow (in’sh Allah!) with my “Personality” blog as promised but in the meantime I must let you know that we are all very excited here in Cairo………..when I say “all” I mean those of us who are involved in the tourism business.  WHY????

Because tomorrow the 15th June 2011 after 5 months the CURFEW  IN  CAIRO will be LIFTED!!!!!!!!

We have all felt that even though life has been going on as normal and even during curfew hours being out between 2am and 5am did not mean you were going to be shot…(horror!) we have felt that it has made a big difference to how Egypt was viewed internationally.  To us “foreigners”  a curfew in our countries would really mean CURFEW – not so in Egypt.  We believe, from talking to friends abroad who worried about us, that the fact we had a curfew has kept many people from coming to Egypt and we felt that we were wasting our time telling people it was safe to come here – because the curfew issue kept coming back to bit us!

So, even though I only turned into a “Good News Bunny” today the Universe has delivered to me very fast.  Co-incidentially, I also got a booking for Cairo tonight for Nov.  and now that we are OFFICIALLY back to normal I am looking forward to many more.  And never, since I started working with tourists in Egypt have I felt so happy and so determined to work my butt off to make sure my tourists have a good time!

My poor old doorman (he’s not old -only about 35 actually) looked so woe-begone and tired tonight I asked him what was wrong –

He said “I’m tired.  Everyone is tired”
“Why so?” I asked him “Aren’t you happy the curfew ends tonight?”
He brightened up a little, smiled and said “Ah yes!  Everyone is tired because we have nothing to do, the house is empty, the hotels are empty, we have no business – but, In’sh Allah (please God!) it will get better after tomorrow!”

I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a bit of horn-honking to-night in CAIRO!!  Hurray!

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