As everyone probably know by now President Mubarak resigned yesterday.  I have been busy preparing to get back to business myself so here are just some items of news to bring you up to date.  People turned up at Tahrir Sq. today with brushes and bags – they cleaned up the square, the streets leading to the square and even washed down the public statutes, monuments and shop walls that had graffiti on the them.  Military are now in control and have promised to fullfil all the demands of the protesters.Government ministers are still in place as a caretaker government and the military have asked the people to support them in the interim.

Curfew in Cairo is now only from midnight to 6am.  No curfew in Luxor, Aswan or the Red Sea.  From people in Luxor who have contacted various embassies it appears that the travel alerts for Luxor, Aswan may have come about because they believed those towns to be under curfew.  I believe some are now looking into the situation again.

All monuments are open in Luxor.

Easyjet flew into Luxor on Wednesday last according to Hazel Brown in Luxor!/home.php?sk=group_133009796764874

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