Egypt (and the world) needs to ask some investigative questions.
1.  Who are the faceless organisers of this present situation?  Please don’t try to tell me it was a spontaneous popular outburst.
2.  Who has gained out of this situation?  Who inside of  Egypt has gained out of this?   Are there individuals or organisations or corporations outside of Egypt who have gained or stand to gain out of this?
3.  What has anybody inside of Egypt gained out of this?
4.  Are we to believe that the burning of police stations across the country happened spontaneously at the same time – if it did then the Egyptians involved could give us all a lesson on mental telepathy…business idea!!

Most of all Egypt (and the world) needs to SEE

1.  Who is CAPABLE of being the next President of Egypt?  It is fine for the protesters, the media and foreign governments to say “Out with Mubarak” Buttttttttt as yet, no strong, hands, no safe hands have appeared.
ON THE SUBJECT OF EGYPT I WOULD LIKE TO EXTEND A CHALLENGE TO EVERYONE COMMENTING, COMPLAINING, REVOLTING, MANIPULATING.My challenge is this – TURN YOUR ATTENTION TO EGYPT – Give the President and the world YOUR EXACT, DETAILED SOLUTIONS TO THE PROBLEM YOU ARE SHOUTING ABOUT.  Put yourself in President Mubarak’s shoes and tell the world WHAT YOU WOULD DO IF YOU WERE THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF EGYPT.  I don’t want you to give generalized statements such as “ provide employment, improve the health benefits provide, better education etc. – any idiot can say that.  I want you to give us a detailed step by step itinerary outlining exactly what you would do should you be President tomorrow.

Personally, I would not take the job if you offered me the world as payment and  I think it will be a very brave person who is going to take this responsibility because he will need to deliver quickly or within a few weeks it will be his image being defiled in Tahrir Square.  Now politicians in Egypt are reduced to fodder for the mob.

Those outsiders manipulating and orchestrating this situation need to wake up and realise that the people of this region not only live in the sunshine but they also reflect the power of the sun – be careful it doesn’t burn us all.  The people of these lands are emotion-driven  (of course the people behind the scenes today already know this and are using this knowledge well).  These people are emotionally volatile, easily roused, easily ignited, more prone to act first and think later.  As demonstrated in all the interviews so far on TV – nobody has any idea what the next step is to be.  Nobody except President Mubarak that is.

President Mubarak has said he will not run in the next election – why would he want to?
President Mubarak has said he will protect Egypt.
President Mubarak has said he will ensure a peaceful and dignified transition of power.
President Mubarak has said he will reform the constitution to limit the terms of future Presidents.
President Mubarak has said he will institute further economic reform.
President Mubarak is the only one who has actually got a plan, and has told us his plan for the next 9 months – time enough to birth a baby – maybe enough time to birth a new era for Egypt.

President Mubarak is a military hero who did not seek power but had it thrust upon him and, at the time he shouldered the responsibility of protecting and leading Egypt, the first thing the country needed was stability.  Keeping stability has been his main objective and in that respect he exceed his brief and that stability has extended to the achieving of, and the maintenance of stability in the entire middle east.  I am sure he is not perfect – are you?  Am I?  I am sure he has made mistakes.  Don’t you?  Don’t I?

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