It appears that Egypt has lost and is still losing the international media war. They are short of video and stories of violence because to a greater extent the situation has stabilized here. Yet they continue with the insinuations of civil war, chaos and mayhem – Obama even linked in Egypt with Syria! Syria is now where they are focusing their hype – Please!  As with Iraq – any excuse for US to jump into another ME war will do.

My first viewing on BBC World this morning was just one segment on Egypt – under the heading EGYPT IN TURMOIL. The interviewer started by saying the situation in Egypt is getting worse. Then went on to interview some guy from Hamas (Brotherhood connection in Gaza) who went on to say that Egypt is trying to destroy Gaza (quietly added on “destroy Hamas”)and the Palastinians.  Followed by some video footage of the hardship caused in Gaza by the destruction of the smuggling tunnels into Gaza.  End of Egypt segment.

I actually haven’t seen anything on CNN or Euronews this morning concerning Egypt.  They covered the violence and even if lack of coverage is now due to lack of violence – could they not cover the stabilization of Egypt?

The infamous Qatar owned Al Jazeera coverage consisted of a tear jerking introduction to a video by Brotherhood leader, Baltagy – about the death of his daughter at Rabaa Al Adaweya.  Beltagy asks “Are we terrorists because we oppose the coup?” Then they showed two hazy, bad quality videos of what they claimed were large protests in Imbaba and Alexandria this week – no dates for the protests and the videos were impossible to identify and verify as to whether they are old or current.  End of Egypt segment.  No, Mr. Beltagy you are not terrorist because you oppose the coup – you are terrorists because of the murder, burning, intimidation and chaos you demanded after the breakup of the sit-in. You are terrorists because you, yourself said in the following video interview that the minute Morsi is restored to power the terrorist attacks in the Sinai will cease in the following minute.

It is difficult for anyone outside of Egypt to understand any of this or see where it is going as the news coming out of Egypt through the mainstream media is painfully and obviously biased in favour of the Brotherhood – for whatever reasons.  On the other hand Egypt at the moment seems incapable of putting enough information on the airwaves to counteract the media machine of the Brotherhood which is working at full capacity in spinning a confusing tale of lies.



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