Haven’t written in ages – simply had nothing I considered interesting to say.  Been in Ireland, then Cairo and now back in Luxor.  In light of all the media hype the last few weeks I wanted to write something but couldn’t muster up any enthusiasm for it.  However, my friend Edward has taken the time to write a fantastic and entertaining blog on the current safety situation in Luxor.I will just write a comment or two on my sleep thoughts of what has been happening – NOTHING in reality has happened at all.  I believe in Law of Attraction and all that – you know what you think and talk about becomes your reality etc…..  Anyway, I find real proof of that in the foreign and domestic media madness over the last few days.  There was 24 hours of tension and hype all around the world over three subjects and rumour became fact in so many minds so fast – but in the real world where I live NOTHING happened.The 3 subjects of the MEDIA MADNESS were

  1. Morsi from Muslim Brotherhood might win the Egyptian Presidential Election
  2. SCAF (Army) in Egypt MIGHT be staging a coup
  3. Mubarak might be dying

The consequence of any or all of these events (as far as TV, journalists, twitter etc) were concerned was going to be civil war, violent demonstrations, mass mayhem, Egypt becoming Algeria 1992 whatever that was etc etc. etc…..z z z z z z z z z

For those of us living in the sleepy town of Luxor it seemed that the world had gone completely mad.  Warnings from foreign embassies to travellers to take care etc. etc. resulted in more or less silence from the outside world as regards hotel bookings, tour enquiries etc.  Anyway Edward has enough to say about that.  My observation was – how utterly ridiculous the whole lot of them look now in the aftermath of absolutely NOTHING.  There are a few thousand in Tahrir trying to give the impression that the voting council better declare Morsi the winner or there will be uproar as he has already been celebrating his win since 4am the morning after the close of the polling stations.

It seems that all it takes is one little rumour on Twitter and the world media go into overdrive on predictions of disaster, doom and gloom for the future, regardless of what country or incident they are talking about.  Have you noticed this?  What a depressing and most probably psychotically depressed lot of people reporters and journalists have become.

Anyway, for myself, we are spring cleaning Mara House, getting the Salahadeen ready for an influx of customers and looking forward to a fully functioning and stable Egypt – wonder what would happen if we all started tweeting that?  Gosh, that actually might turn out to be our future – what would all the reporters do for stories then?

I have to admit that I got drawn into the drama for about 12 hours day before yesterday.  You see my Manager (Amr) and my Housekeeper (Azza) decided to fire one of the staff for not coming to work on the day following her day off – this put paid to my plans for spring cleaning that day so, without thinking about it, I found myself on Twitter and the hours piled up.  By night time I was on a real roll about the media and their stupid conjecturing.  Boy, did I feel riled up, angry and frustrated going to sleep!  Glad to say I am smart enough not to let it happen again too soon.

I am believing in a happy and peaceful outcome from all this.  The Egyptians will sort themselves out and all is as it should be.  Luxor is still sleepy and everyone praying for tourists much like we pray for rain in a drought or sunshine in Ireland!

In around 5 – 10 years when all the facts are written up and films made it will be interesting to remember what we THOUGHT was going on that really was something else.  Kinda like all those wars and revolutions around the world that are nearly always (we find out later) started off by the CIA and those men in black…..ooops there I go again!

Please everyone (talking to myself here too) have a wonderful and happy day!  Be positive – if you look at it closely minus the news – your world is probably wonderful, safe, happy and comfortable right now – focus on that and turn on Bob http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oo4OnQpwjkc

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  1. Getting here, Mara! Simply, I don’t read papers, don’t follow twitter kamakazies, don’t watch news or current affairs programmes on television. I only turn on the tele to watch what I hope will be entertaining.

    Love, Brian