The good days can be wonderful but the “bad” days can drive you nuts. There are days – like today – when trying to get something done is like wading through mud, have you ever tried it?  When I was young I used to have what I came to interpret as “frustration” dreams (no, not sexual).  Dreams in which I would be trying to go somewhere but my body would not move fast enough or I was trying to get something done but couldn’t get anything moving.  Now I don’t have those dreams anymore – I don’t need to – they are my waking reality in Egypt – some days.What’s it like?  Well, imagine you want to change a curtain pole or make some curtains so you need a curtain pole or some heading tape…..but you can’t get it, can you? Why not?  For any reason ranging from”It’s Friday – the shop is muslim, so it’s closed.”
“It’s Sunday – the shop is christian, so it’s closed”
“It’s too hot these days, so the shops are closed now – will open tonight but by then I have lost the will and just want to sleep!”
“9.00 – It’s too early he won’t open ’til 10.00”
“Shop doesn’t have any more of it – maybe next week when he brings it from Cairo….”
“The owner is sick, asleep, gone to Cairo……”you name it – that’s what it’s like!

But the best is the most frustrating – when you call up TeData and ask “is there a problem with the internet?  It’s been impossibly slow for the last 3 days.”  The answer comes back “Yes, the Luxor TeData is (it can be upgrading, updating, repairing any answer will do!)and will take 2 weeks – you can check back with us for status update after that?  To which you retort “ok, and you are still going to charge me for the service even though it is not worth “****” to me?   The killer answer coming back “But, of course!”  What do you do then? Well, if you are me ……you want to sent the phone crashing into the nearest wall….but you can’t …… because you have guests!!!

For more detailed accounts….check out Edward & Freda’s blog here – lots of frustration and “wading through mud” stories

Have a nice day!

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