Been watching the SCAF (Supreme Council of the Armed Forces) providing video and verbal evidence of what happened in Maspero.  A reporter just asked what SCAF intends to do now to ensure Maspero-like incident does not happen again.  For a fleeting moment a tired expression passed across the Army Spokesman’s face.  The question made me tired also.  Why should the army have to create security within it’s own borders?  Why can the Egyptians not be responsible for their own conduct?  Why do they feel the need to be policed?  They revolted against being a police state, but it seems that psychologically they cannot free themselves from this need.  If they stayed off the streets and put committees together to dialogue with whoever they have a grievance with – there would be no need to ask the army make Egypt secure within it’s own borders.  I felt tired at the question…..but it puts the whole revolution in a nutshell.
Mubarak was the Big Daddy.  Now Big Daddy is gone.  Egyptians are looking for another Big Daddy but where is he?  They want a Big Daddy to create instant jobs, instant pay rises, instant housing, instant change, instant everything – instant F***ing Coffee!  Do you hear my exasperation?If you read back on my blogs you will see that I have been saying the same thing for a long time.  It is exasperating to be watching an entire population asking, demanding, protesting for something for nothing….but WAIT!  that is another point….the entire population is NOT protesting.  In fact the majority are quietly watching – but you know what?  The majority came out to vote in the referendum and the majority will speak again – in the next election, the following election and every election after that.  In the words of a friend of mine “the Egyptian people will make their own Pharaoh in time and their backing will give that Pharaoh his power – but it will not be the “wanna-be’s” who are shouting so loudly now”.

My disgust and exasperation at the moment is directed to those who continue to take every small and every major dilemma, problem, incident happening in Egypt and making them into catastrophic, end-of-Egypt stories – and you know what?  There are not that many incidents!  But reporters who need to present exciting copy; outsiders who have nothing better to comment on but who got a taste of adrenalin when the revolution happened and desperately want to be part of something momentous to justify their sad little lives- live their lives as Tahrir revolutionaries through Twitter – from far away, safe in their home democracies;  Egyptian and foreign “wanna-be”s who need their vanity stroked by having people follow them (but safely in their anonymity of social media);  intellectual idiots who do not understand either Egyptian Economy, World Economic workings, and definitely don’t understand the workings of the human mind and spirit – these people annoy the hell out of me at the moment.

Because 8 months after the ousting of Mubarak they are still singing the same old song – just with different names!  “Down with Mubarak”  “Down with the Ministers”  “Down with the PM (whoever he is)”,  “Down with the police”,  “Down with SCAF”,  “Down with the Army”, “Down with the MB”,  “Down with the Copts!”  “Down with Capitalism”  “Down with the Business Owners”,……Down, Down, Down!  What a shower of egotistical idiots!  Do you feel I am talking to you?  Are you one of those who never share anything unless it is sensational and divisive?  The good news is that out of a population of 80,000,000 you are in the minority and the majority reject these publicity-seeking stunts.

SCAF say there are foreign agencies at work… know what?  Maybe there are.  But the real destructive agent at work here is the basic intolerance among Egyptians themselves for anyone different, anyone with a different opinion, anyone with a different religion, anyone who has a better job, anyone who has a better position, anyone who has a lower position, anyone who has no money.

Basically, they appear to hate themselves at the moment.  So, if there are any foreign agents here – they got the easiest job in the world.  Are you an Egyptian?  Next time someone calls you to the street or wants you to tweet, share or stir it up in Egypt – ask youself “Who is this person?  What does he want me to do?  What does he gain if I do as he asks?  Is this good or bad for Egypt?  What do I get out of this?”

Look at who you are following on Twitter and FB……do they have anything good or positive to say?  If you are a follower – what kind of leader are you following?  One who manipulates you by appealing to your baser instincts of greed, resentment, frustration and aggression?  Or are you following someone with a vision?  Are you following someone with a plan?  If you are following an idiot – stop following!  Or else you will just be another idiot!

If Egyptians stopped reacting to EVERYTHING and put their energy into positive, non-destructive actions they could achieve anything.  Egypt has such possibilities!  Right now Egypt does not even grow enough food to feed it’s own population – Egypt imports food – how crazy is that?  What does Egypt produce?  Practically nothing – it imports mostly everything it consumes – and from where?  China – how crazy is that?  Yet, there seems to be no Egyptians with the desire or capability at the moment to just go and work, just go and start something – build a small business.

But no, they are waiting for a Big Daddy to hand it all on a plate to them.  Perhaps a Big Daddy will appear – maybe this generation will eat from the plate of the “Money Daddy” the IMF and in doing so, sell their children into monetary slavery – much like most of Europe at the moment, not to mention the good old USA – home of the free and the brave, that county has been sold out big time!  But there is hope there because the ordinary Americans are waking up.

So, there you have it – I live in a dream world where one day Egyptians will stop blaming, fighting, resenting, beating, killing each other and wake up to the fact that they are all Egyptians – maybe they need a war – that would pull them all together!  Pityful – I am sad for Egypt today.

Did I make you angry?  Who are you angry with?



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