In my endeavours to return to my former positive-thinking, optimistic self I have stopped watching CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and Press TV – though 5 – 10 minutes watching Press TV does give me a pretty clear picture of the day’s events without instilling the same fear engendered by the other stations.  I briefly check google news in search of something positive.A friend emailed me yesterday to check about the rise of the Salafi movement here as he had seen it in a German newspaper.  When I went in search of it I found an article describing an incident in Qena about 2 months ago – just that this article dug a little deeper for more embellishing details.  However, the reader could be forgiven for thinking that millions of murdering salafis were roaming the countryside of Egypt at will!  A quick glance through other publications of the day gave similar results.  Good news does not sell papers nor hold audiences around the world spellbound to their TV’s.  I do wish these papers would look elsewhere for their grain of sand out of which to build their mountains of doom and gloom.

It may not appear that much is happening in Egypt’s move to democracy but maybe slowly but surely is a good approach to such a monumental journey.  I also am impatient but have started to look for the good signs of movement and improvement.  When I look I find.  When I go looking for disaster and fear I find disaster and fear.  When I go looking for improvement and events to celebrate I find them also.

Egypt and the Egyptians will find their own way and maybe it will be a better way, a better system and a better democracy than those in Europe, USA  etc.operate at present.  After all those democracies and economies are not in such good shape – are they?  So stop worrying about the Salafis, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Copts and the Muslims.  Those that want peace will foster peace and those that want to live in fear will live in fear because it is familiar to them and nothing is going to make them feel safe. They will all find their own level and their own place – isn’t that democracy?

If each country and nation paid more attention to what is going on in their own backyards and less attention to trying to control the rest of the world I think everyone would find their own place a little quicker and definitely more peacefully.

I am not saying that nations of the world should stand idly by when murderous despots commit wholesale slaughter of the people unfortunate enough to live in those countries.  I am saying that stopping that bloodshed and tyranny should be the only focus, not a back door entry to taking over that country themselves or meddling in the politics and economies there afterwards for their own ends.  We are supposed to be evolving Beings – we should be capable of learning from history.   I believe we do learn from history – unfortunately we keep electing leaders who also learn from the history how to line their own pockets and play to their own inflated egos in the international game of power.  In case there are some of you who don’t know the BIG BIG SECRET…….”It’s never about the money – it’s always about the POWER!

Some are of the opinion that the Muslim Brotherhood are best prepared for democracy –read here.  If you fear the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood or a tyrannical Islamic state in Egypt, ask youself  “why am I worried about this?  What has it got to do with me?”  Is it because of something in this region you think you need?  Something like oil?  Is that a reason to try to ensure Egypt holds the balance of power?  That’s a very self-serving reason for wanting to meddle in another person’s backyard.  You don’t need oil or anything else the Middle East has.  You have enough intelligence and inventors to create everything you need in your own backyards.  So much has already been invented and the patent’s, rights etc. sold to those on whose existing products you depend (or think you depend on) that it doesn’t even bear thinking about.

If you are worried for the people of Egypt coming under Islamic and tyrannical rule, don’t worry, human nature will rise again if that happens.  If the people aren’t happy living in a state like that they will rise and revolt again.

Egypt is fine, Egypt will be fine.  Egypt is a great and exciting place to be right now!  Stop reading those newspapers, turn off CNN, BBC and the rest of them.  After all by the time you finish listening to all their news – where can you go and be safe? Do they say YOUR country is safe???


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