We marvel at the Ancient Egyptians, what they did, what they left behind.   We dig in the sand for their treasures, rob their tombs and put their bodies on open display in museums so we can gawk at death.  We crave information on them.  We crave connection with their spirituality.  We wonder what they knew.  We look in awe at the buildings they left behind.  Us humans have a very special way of not being present in the present.  We tend to look back in anger, regret, joy or gratitude.  But mostly, we fail to live in the present moment – we even need gurus, spiritual teachers, classes and courses in our attempts to look at where we are standing!  Mostly we spend our time recounting something that happened or planning our future.

In some special way I am happy to realise I am very much present in the present at this time.  I recognise the importance, the magnitude of what is happening right now, in Egypt and the Middle East.  I see what everyone else sees and I also see the overall spiritual picture and it is awesome!   Some see it as a disaster, some see it as a triumph, some don’t know what to make of it, but most don’t see it at all.  I keep saying “You have to be here to feel it”.  Perhaps I should not say that – perhaps I should really be saying “You have to be an Egyptian to see it.  They see it, they feel it, they inately recognise the importance of the times we are living.  That is the reason for their patience.

Yes, I know I have ranted and will probably rant again, if and when I lose my footing.  In those moments I am having an intense physical experience – Spirit having a human experience.  So in that context perhaps I am not losing my footing at all.  Those are the moments I am intensely focused on the physicality of life around me.  But there is something really odd going on.  All my life I worried about money.  All my life I struggled to make ends meet, keep a family and later provide for my ‘old age’!  The Egyptian Revolution of 2011 put paid to that!

Now here is the funny thing about all this.  2011 filled me with horror, dread and foreboding – you can go read my blogs from that time if you don’t believe me.   The events since June 2013, on the other hand, have been a completely different experience for me.

After 2011 we continued to have some kind of tourism here (being the business I am in) yet I felt a fear of the future and struggled this way and that way to keep business going, to ensure an income.  The latter part of 2013 on the other hand, though there is a COMPLETE lack of business is not like that at all.

I woke up one morning recently and realised I no longer feel the lack of wealth, money or abundance.  EVEN THOUGH I have been living without a cent of income I do not feel or fear the lack!   I constantly dip in and out of YouTube to listen to Esther Hicks on the subject of Law of Attraction – yet I realise that now I NEVER choose the abundance or money clips…..how odd!  I no longer feel fear about the lack of income.  I no longer search for abundance.  I FEEL like I have enough.  Somehow I know there will always be enough money flowing to and through me.  Now, if ever there was a personal miracle for me – the freedom from fear of lack is certainly it!

What my mind was not able to cope with in 2013 was the river of ideas that flowed through it.  I felt that river should be fertilizing the area around where they were flowing – otherwise thinking them was such an exercise in frustration.  I did not realise that as the Nile flows onwards to the Mediterranean, mostly without touching the land it flows through – so the river of ideas flowing through me were flowing into an ocean also.  But unlike the Nile I was being nourished in a very, very special way by all those brilliant ideas, a subject I may talk about later.

For now, I just started writing this to say “hey guys!  Egypt is writing the opening chapter of a new Millenium that generations to come are going to look back at, in as much awe and wonder as we look back today at the Ancient Egyptians.  Egypt is writing the first chapters of a new way of living, that is going to be the foundation for all living.  As the structures and power manipulators throughout the developed world are tumbling down – Egypt is writing the new blueprint.  And the world is missing the action!

I don’t care if you don’t stay at Mara House.  I don’t care if I never meet you.  Really, personally I don’t care if you NEVER come to Egypt.  What is important for me is that I am here now, in Egypt – witness to a miracle.  But, I just want to let you know – you have no idea what you are missing out on.

This is the time you should be flocking to Egypt, finding your own way here, taking the photos your grand-children are going to marvel at.  This is a moment in time when a nation is reaching for the stars – and touching them, a moment you could be present at, experiencing and recording.  This is the moment the world is doing it’s very best to keep you from witnessing.

If you don’t believe me and you have not been following either the Egyptian or the international politics swirling around us here for the last few years – ask yourself these questions

  • I know the mainstream media is a constant stream of lies on many important issues – there is very little news coming out of Egypt that could make me afraid to go there……….so why has the entire world slapped a travel ban on the entire country?  And…..why are they so slow to lift them despite all the proof and assurances for safety that the Egyptian government, Ambassadors etc. are providing?  And if it is so dangerous where are the reports of this danger?  After all there have been foreign government inspectors trawling the length and breath of Egypt the past few weeks – even going to places tourists will NEVER go!  Remember Sadam’s weapons of mass destruction stories????  Well, even the worst you saw on TV out of Egypt was a little like the Sadam stories.
  • What is going on in Egypt that my government does not want me to witness?  Could it be the miracle of a country surviving against all odds?  Could it be a population waiting quietly in apparent poverty for the miracle to complete?  After all if one nations is standing still, without an income…….what is my rat-race all about?  Belgium had no government for how long?  A year or more than a year?  Hey, it didn’t collapse!  Wow!  What would happen my country if there was no government – or at least not the kind of government we have now?   Hmmmm food for thought.   Where did that idea start that you HAD to work to survive?  That you HAD to have a job?  Is it possible that if we can’t have the job we think we need to earn a living, is it possible we can just pass the day doing stuff we take some joy or satisfaction from and still have enough money?  REALLY?
  • What is so important about Egypt that we all have to be kept away now?  They have cancelled the charter flights.  Tour Operators pulled out – why?  What has happened?  Remember that big scare when the US shut down all their Embassies across the Middle East?  Wow that put the frighteners on everyone – what happened?  Nothing, apart from the US clearing the area because it thought it had a shot at nuking Syria most likely.  But hey!  Isn’t that another miracle?  The fact that Russia pulled it all back from the brink?   Just this morning in the news…Monsanto no longer protected by US Congress, open the flood gates of lawsuits!  Another miracle!  Saved again!  The miracles are endless.

I don’t know folks – it’s up to you.  Witness the miracle in Egypt or close your eyes.  It’s happening anyway but for most of the world they will have to wait to read about it in the history books, or until the films are made about it.  What a wasted chance to live for a few days in the middle of a modern miracle!


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